Ghoul, Well Done

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City of the Sun God Ghoul Totem (750,615)
3 540 950

Tier 1

Objective: Search the area for ghouls

Go South-East of the totem into Shi-Netjer (688,560) and look at any of the numerous ghouls in the area.

Objective: Clear the area of Pnathian Workers

Objective: Clear the area of Pnathian Slavedrivers

Objective: Clear the area of Pnathian Willbreakers

Objective: Find and kill the totem's architect

Pnathian Workers can be found throughout the area. There are two groups of two on the cliff above and one group of four down below. Kill four Pnathian Workers.

Pnathian Slavedrivers are found in pairs dotted about. Only four need to die.

The Pnathian Willbreakers stand at various totems or wander to survey the operation. They are by themselves. Two will satisfy you.

Amidst the ghouls (860,540) towers the totem's architect: Azrah, Fireband Lord. Destroy him.

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