Heavy Metals

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City of the Sun God Orochi laptop (60,880)
3 480 900

Take note of the light green icon, as opposed to the normal side mission icon: This is an investigative side mission.

Tier 1

Objective: Search the laptop for information

Interact with the Orochi laptop on the crate.

Input 1 to access the first option. It's a log.

Objective: Find the msising patrol

Now you need return to the root of the computer interface and access the second option by inputting 2.

Here you will find reports from all the five teams, except the missing Tsunami team. The information in those reports is critical to determining the last known location of the missing patrol. You can find a few hints and the solution below.

The code at the beginning of each report is encoded in Base 64. A decoder, such as this one, may prove useful.

The previously mentioned codes are actually coordinates for each of the teams. Their reports also mention a disturbance coming from certain direction. With this information, you may be able to triangulate the last known position of the missing Tsunami patrol.

By decoding the Base 64 strings in each report, you can place 4 coordinates on the map, and with each team's description of a disturbance from certain directions, you can triangulate the approximate position of the Tsunami team.

The circle in the image above marks the probable location of the missing patrol. Check out the image below for details about the exact location. Use the minimap for reference. The cave entrance is at the coorindates 550,385.

Objective: Open the Orochi crate

Interact with the crate to attempt opening it.

Objective: Find a way to unlock the Orochi crate

Follow the blood trail leading away from the crate and through the cave.

At the end of the blood trail, you will find an electronic keycard next to a dead Orochi agent. There will also be a Filth-infected Orochi solider there, which you may need to kill in order to be able to grab the keycard.

Objective: Open the Orochi crate

Return to the crate in the cave and interact with it once more. Mission accomplished!

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