She Who Likes Silence

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City of the Sun God Broken Sword (585,420)
3 540 950

Weapons have a way of communicating their histories - they recall the sweat of those who held them, whether it was tinged with conviction, doubt, or fear. The most prized and precious even have a way of whispering what they stood for.

Tier 1

A broken sword lies cold and forgotten in the back of this ancient cave. It begs to be heard. Grip the sword and make it warm again.

Objective: Pick up the broken sword

Take the once-proud Third Age weapon from the stone.

Tier 2

The sword has a story to tell, but the blade is cold and bent. Find a suitable place to reforge the blade and rekindle its secret voice.

Objective: Find a place to reforge the blade

Exit the cave and go to a Rock Protrusion (680,335) by the lavaflows of the Citadel. This Rock Protrusion is the perfect place to reforge the blade. Use it.

Tier 3

The sword's song is an ode to silence. The blade remains reluctant and cold, as though bitter at ever having been forged at all. The hilt recalls its master: how her hands trembled; how she cowered in the dark to hum the names of her children. Return the weapon to its rightful owner.

Objective: Bring the sword to Moutemouia

Present the blade to its rightful owner: the Sentinel Moutemouia (830,250). Approaching her monument is enough to see to it that the sword is returned.

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