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Sparked to Life

Posted by Vomher on August 1, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
City of the Sun God Dark Flame (965,710) XP130 140 PAX8 330  BB2
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Objective: Locate the temple signaled by the green flame, and find a way in

Head toward the location marked on your map. On the way you will encounter Ancient Tomb Guardians. Killing one will get you Mummy Wrappings.


Once you reach the temple, there will be an assortment of objects at your disposal. Take the torch stick, which will automatically combine with the mummy wrappings in your inventory to create a Wrapped Stick.

The Wrapped Stick’s tooltip suggests it needs fuel, which you can find by picking up the Oil Lamp to the left of the door. This then combines to create a Flammable Wrapped Stick.

Your Flammable Wrapped Stick isn’t yet alight, so use the Dark Flame Brazier. This will turn it into a Dark Flame Torch.

Use the Wall Mounted Torch to light it with your new flame. The door to the tomb will open. It will only do so for a short period of time, so dash in fast before it closes. If it does, you can remake the torch to light the flame once more.



Objective: Find the source of the corrupted energy

There will be two enormous mummies as soon as you enter the tomb. Click on one.


Objective: Destroy the Corrupted Corpse of Ammon

Objective: Destroy the Corrupted Corpse of Maskhenet

Ammon is the enormous mummy on the left while Maskhenet is the one on the right. Obliterate them.


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