Sparked to Life

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City of the Sun God Dark flame (965,710)
3 540 950

This brazier emits an unholy flame. It offers neither heat to cook by nor a guiding light, but rather burns as an ominous signal in the desert.

Tier 1

Dark energy emanates from the brazier. Locate the source of this signal, and find out who - or what - the green flame portends.

Objective: Locate the temple signalled by the green flame, and find a way in

Head to the tomb nearest (905,735) to the green flame. Ancient Tomb Guardians protect the path up and will attack anyone who dares approach the temple. When killed, they drop Mummy Wrappings on the ground.

Take a set of Mummy Wrappings from a defeated Ancient Tomb Guardian before proceeding to the tomb entrance.

At the entrance to the temple are an assortment of objects that can be interacted with: A torch stick, an oil lamp, a dark flame brazier, and a wall-mounted torch.

Take the Torch stick. It will automatically combine with the Mummy wrappings in your Mission Inventory to create a Wrapped stick. The Torch stick cannot be picked up if you do not have any Mummy wrappings with you.

The Wrapped stick is just a stick wrapped in mummy bandages and needs fuel, as noted by its tooltip. Use the Oil lamp on the ground under the wall-mounted torch to turn the Wrapped stick into a Flammable wrapped stick.

The Flammable wrapped stick is ready to be lit. Use the Dark flame brazier blazing above the torch sticks to light the Flammable wrapped stick, making it a Dark flame torch in the process.

Now that you have the Dark flame torch, you can use the Wall-mounted torch to transfer the vile flames of the Dark flame torch to the Wall-mounted torch. This will consume the Dark flame torch and open the door to the temple for a short time. If the door closes before you enter, you will need to repeat the process to light the Wall-mounted torch.

Enter the temple grounds (905,730) while the way is clear.

Tier 2

The temple swirls with corrupted energy. Its entombed inhabitants have been sparked to life by the whispers of a great coming.

Objective: Find the source of the corrupted energy

Enter the temple grounds (895,720), where two enormous mummies await.

Objective: Destroy the Corrupted Corpse of Ammon

Objective: Destroy the Corrupted Corpse of Meskhenet

Destroy the Corrupted Corpse of Ammon and Corrupted Corpse of Meskhenet. Their corrupted reanimation does not bode well.

Killing the Corrupted Corpse of Amon releases the Divine Spirit of Ammon. Killing the Corrupted Corpse of Meskhenet releases the Divine Spirit of Meskhenet.

The Divine Spirits will aid you in combat by attacking the other Corrupted Corpse until both Corrupted Corpses have been killed. The active Divine Spirit will also cast the Heal Over Time buff Whispered Prayer on you when your health is low during the fight.

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