The Sad Song

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City of the Sun God Moutemouia (830,250)
6 600 750

Moutemouia's longing for an end to her eternal plight has weakened her defence of the temple city. Darkness is on the rise in the primordial catacombs, surging with each swell of Moutemouia's doubt.

Tier 1

The nearby primordial catacombs were once the cradle of some of Egypt's darkest and most terrifying creatures: the shades. With Moutemouia's defences weakening, the Atenists seek to recreate these monstrosities. The cultists cannot be allowed to continue the torturous rituals. Go to the catacombs and stop the horrific process.

Objective: Go to the primordial catacombs

Exit Moutemouia's momument and head East to the primordial catacombs (960,265) marked by the presence of Newly Released Suffering Souls. Step inside.

Tier 2

The catacombs are permeated by suffering souls of the deceased, clearly a sign that the dark past of this place has become reality once more. Find out who or what controls the souls and end their suffering.

Objective: Find what controls the suffering souls

Follow the halls of the catacombs to a room containing a single suspiciously smoking urn: The Urn of Suffering (970,320). The Urn is destructible and has 3000 HP. Destroy the Urn of Suffering.

Objective: Kill the Shade of Suffering

Destroying the Urn of Suffering has released the Shade of Suffering. Kill the Shade!

Tier 3

With the Shade of Suffering vanquished and their shackles gone, many of the suffering souls might dissipate and find some peace. But the walls of the catacombs still echo with evil. There are likely more horrors deeper inside.

Objective: Continue deeper into the catacombs

Continue to follow the catacomb's halls farther down (1005,345).

Objective: Kill the Shade of Torment

The Urn of Torment awaits (1005,385). Destroy the Urn to release the Shade of Torment.

Kill the Shade of Torment.

Tier 4

The cult has kidnapped several people from al-Merayah, surely to create shades by torturing them until the dark shadows are ripped from the very essence of their being. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Objective: Free the tortured villagers

Turn left to a gore-filled room Filthy cultist Soulrippers and the Tortured Villagers whose Pure Akh are being ripped out of them and converted into Wretched Soulds at the heinous altar.

Talk to 8 Tortured Villagers to ease their fears and allow you to untie them.

Atop a skeleton rests The Marya #9 (945,365) in the ritual chamber of the Necropolis. It can be learned at any time regardless of whether or not you are on The Sad Song.

Tier 5

With several villagers escaping, you have put a solid dent in the plans of the cult, but by the number of human remains in the catacombs, they have already succeeded in creating shades. Find these terrifying creatures and get rid of them.

Objective: Venture deeper into the catacombs

Go deeper into the Necropolis catacombs by following the halls farther inside to the next chamber (975,430). Vengeful Souls circle the room before looping to the right.

Another Urn awaits on the right.

Objective: Kill the Shade of Vengeance

When ready, destroy the Urn of Wrath (1005,450) to release the Shade of Vengeance.

Once the Shade of Vengeance is free, kill it with all of the wrath you can muster. Any Vengeful Souls still active when the Shade of Vengeance is fought will attack.

Tier 6

The air is thick down here, and smells of fear and death. There must be another source of evil, someone whose control over the shades and the tortured souls still linger. Keep looking and do what you must to cleanse this place.

Objective: Find who controls the shades

Exit the Shade of Vengeance's chamber and cross the room straight to the previously ignored western door (950,445). The hall leads to a large chamber where The Urn of the Shadefather sits in the middle (985,490) with a ring of Suffering Souls around the room. Each Suffering Soul haunts a Well of Red Shadows. Destroying a Well of Red Shadows kills its associated Suffering Soul.

Destroy the Urn of the Shadefather when you are prepared to face whomever controls the shades.

Objective: Kill the King of Red Shadows

A powerful shade in its own right, the Red King of Shadows controlled the Shades of Suffering, Torment, and Vengeance. Kill this monstrous monarch.

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