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A Light in the Sky

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Kingsmouth Town Box of flares (440,170)
1 594 250

Tier 1

Objective: Collect the box of flares

Aim at the fireworks box and press F to interact with it.

Objective: Set off the first signal flare

Set it off from the first location, which is only a few metres from where you started the mission, towards the water.

Objective: Set off the second flare

At the other side of the beach near the pier and a wrecked rowboat.

Objective: Set off the third signal flare

Slightly to the north, at the other side of the pier, near the water.

Objective: Set off the fourth signal flare

North-east near the next pier.


Objective: Defeat the Angered Warmonger

A warmonger will ascend from the waters nearby and attack you. Kill it to complete the mission.

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