Kingsmouth Town Danny Dufresne (420,655)
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Tier 1

Objective: Fly the RC plane into the Orochi camp

Danny's RC plane is parked on the picnic table. Use the RC plane to try and have a look at what the Orochi are up to.

Using the RC Plane initiates a cutscene showing the plane's flight and what happens when it tries to pass over the Orochi Camp that causes Danny so much trouble.

Tier 2

Objective: Locate the crashed RC plane

The downed RC plane (715,695) has fallen into the clay golem infested mud flat between Edgar's Scrapyard and the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport.

Objective: Examine the images the plane took

Examine the small RC plane on the ground.

Tier 3

Objective: Investigate the Orochi camp at the airport

Approach the Orochi camp on the airfield (740,845). A high-security perimeter surrounds the camp, and the barrier can't be crossed. Guards stand watch and drones patrol nearby, ensuring nobody unauthorised goes in on their watch.

This Objective can be skipped if so desired simply by going to the location of the following Objective.

Super-spy Plane
Complete tiers 3 through 5 of the mission "ATC" without being seen.

A buff for "Super-spy Plane" is applied at the start of Tier 3. Being seen will fail the achievement and cause the buff to drop. Be sure to use the [Orochi Disguise] and maintain awareness of security patrols while attempting this achievement.

Objective: Find another route into the camp

While the camp itself is highly guarded from the ground and from above, there are multiple ways to navigate an airport. A utility tunnel (675,850) is open below the runway and accessible from outside of the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport. Enter the passageway.

Objective: Examine the corpses

In the tunnel are two Dead Orochi Bodies. Againt the wall is a male Dead Orochi Body (678,878), and against the base of the stairs is a female Dead Orochi Body (685,878). Examine the Dead Orochi Body that corresponds to your character's sex to pry their uniform from their cold, dead hands.

Objective: Wear the Orochi uniform

Use the [Orochi uniform] from either your Mission Inventory or Quick Access Inventory. Wearing the uniform gives you the Orochi Disguise buff, which reduces the range at which the Orochi agents within the Orochi camp notice suspicious activity. It doesn't fool the Security Drones, however.

Objective: Locate the code to the force field

An Orochi Note sits on the root next to the male Dead Orochi Body. Take a look at it.

Objective: Make your way through the forcefield

Enter '739241' into the security keypad to temporarily disable the forcefield for 30 seconds. Go through while it's down.

Go through while it's down.

Objective: Disable the southern EMP generator

The southern EMP generator isn't far.

Be mindful of the Orochi Guard(s) and Orochi Sentry Drone(s). If seen by the Orochi Guard personnel or by an Orochi Sentry Drone's scan, you will be tased and hauled off to the opposite end of the tunnel that was originally used to enter through. Being caught will fail Super-spy Plane.

Go up the ramp surrounding the entryway you just left and cross the road to the southern EMP generator (670,870) by going between the trio of Orochi Guards and the Orochi Guard by the parked van. Be sure not to get too close to them, all while avoiding any Orochi Sentry Drone that patrols through.

Alternatively, go around the back of the helicopter, avoiding drones along the way, and keep close to the fence. Keep the Orochi container crates between you and the trio of Orochi Guards as you follow the fence to the southern EMP generator.

Once there, use the EMP Generator Keypad to disable the EMP generator. No passcodes required.

Tier 4

Objective: Disable the central EMP generator

Take one of the two routes away from the southern EMP generator. The central EMP generator is right along the ramp (670,910) and requires little espionage to reach. Be mindful of the drones.

Tier 5

Objective: Disable the northern EMP generator

Carefully go toward the northern EMP generator and cross the road when near the idle Orochi helicopter (710,915). Avoid Orochi Guards and the Orochi Security Drone that persistently monitor the area between the helicopter and the northern EMP generator.

Once around the helicopter, wait for the drone to start scanning the helicopter or for the drone to have otherwise taken its eye off of the area right in front of the northern EMP generator (725,935) so that there's enough space for you to get through.

Use the EMP generator keypad and disable the generator.

Tier 6

Objective: Return to Danny

Return to Danny Dufresne (420,655) in the skate park.

Should you not wish to leave by using the security keypad and retracing your steps out of the Orochi Camp, you can choose to either Anima Leap or exit by getting deliberately caught, as Super-spy Plane only accounts for actions during Tiers 3-5.

Objective: Fly the RC plane into the Orochi camp

Use the RC plane once more. It's back on the picnic bench.

This initiates a cutscene of the RC plane and its triumphant flight into the Orochi camp.

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