Black Helicopters

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Kingsmouth Town Ann Radcliffe (390,990)
4 584 400

Tier 1

Objective: Sneak past the security perimeter

The Orochi camp is locked down tight with a security perimeter full of Orochi drones, barriers, and agents.

While the Orochi Camp perimeter is locked down tight, below the airport there is one passage in particular that leads to the service and utility tunnels that run through Kingsmouth Municipal Airport (680,855). Enter the tunnel.

Whisper Mode
Complete 'Black Helicopters' without being seen

Successfully sneaking past the security perimeter activates the Whisper Mode achievement buff in addition to advancing the mission to the next Tier. Take caution from here on out to avoid being seen or captured by the Orochi agents, scientists, and security drones throughout the base.

Tier 2

Objective: Get into the Orochi camp

Despite finding the service and utility tunnels, a security barrier blocks the way into the airport.

To be safe or if attempting the Whisper Mode achievement, first acquire an [Orochi uniform] from either the male (678,878) or female (685,878) Dead Orochi Body left rotting in the passageway. Examine the Dead Orochi Body that corresponds to your character's sex to pry their uniform from their cold, dead hands.

Use the [Orochi uniform] from either your Mission Inventory or Quick Access Inventory. Wearing the uniform gives you the Orochi Disguise buff, which reduces the range at which the Orochi agents within the Orochi camp notice suspicious activity. It doesn't fool the Security Drones, however. If caught by the Orochi while within the Orochi camp, they will refrain from removing the uniform from you. How merciful.

Take a look at the Orochi Note on the root next to the male Dead Orochi Body.

The Orochi Note contains the passkey the now-dead Orochi agents were using. Enter '739241' into the security keypad to temporarily disable the forcefield for 30 seconds.

Go through to the other side (690,885) while the forcefield is temporarily disabled.

Tier 3

Objective: Download an autopsy report

Objective: Download an occult report

Objective: Download a field report

Find out what the Orochi agents are up to within the camp by downloading three reports in any order.

Autopsy Report

Enter the passage (700,900) directly across from the tunnel leading into the Orochi camp.

Within the passage are a plethora of Orochi Scientists, all of which are Level 50 through their vast wealth of knowledge. Knowledge is power, and they have it in spades. The Orochi Scientists overlook various experiments on the draugr.

In a corner of the clandestine laboratory is The Orochi Group #12 (695,910). While Black Helicopters it not necessary in order to pick up this Legend, it would be beneficial to obtain while running Black Helicopters.

Somewhere in the laboratory is the Autopsy Report, but there are too many Orochi Scientists around to successfully find it without being seen.

A Fire alarm by the entrance (700,905) is freely accessible.

Use the fire alarm when ready. Doing so triggers an alarm for 30 seconds. As soon as the alarm starts, the Orochi Scientists will obey proper safety protocol and evacuate the lab to wait outside. They will dutifully remain outside until the 30 seconds have passed, at which point they return through both exits.

As soon the fire alarm has been triggered, get out of the way by jumping into the corner closest to the fire alarm so that the Orochi Scientists don't notice a thing as they evacuate.

Use the time wisely while the diligent Orochi Scientists are obeying proper safety code. Quickly go to the center of the laboratory (725,905) once all Orochi Scientists have exited. Use the unattended laptop in the laboratory to steal the autoposy report.

At high player Level, if the Orochi Scientists return before the Autopsy Report has been downloaded, they will pay no heed provided the [Orochi uniform] is worn, its Orochi Disguise buff is active, and you keep your distance.

At low player Level, if the Orochi Scientists return before the Autopsy Report has been downloaded, they are much more likely to see you even with the Orochi Disguise active. Avoid being caught by the scrutinizing scientists.

If the Orochi Scientists have yet to return when the Autopsy Report has been downloaded, run back to the corner previously used to hide in during the evacuation procedure and wait for the fire alarm to end. Once the Orochi Scientists have returned to their posts, it's safe to leave.

Occult Report

Across from the passageway into the Orochi camp is a black helicopter idling on the airstrip.

Go around the helicopter on either side, avoiding the Orochi Security Drones as you do, and approach the picnic table (735,930) with two laptops on it. Hack into the laptop while keeping out of the nearest Security Drone's scan.

Field Report

Go above the passage to and from the Orochi camp. There are patrolling Orochi Security Drones on each shoulder of the landing strip road as well as multiple groups of Orochi Guards.

Go around the tail of the black helicopter and along the fence while avoiding all Orochi obstacles.

On some Orochi high-security containers sits a laptop (650,890). Hack into it from behind to download the field report.

Tier 4

Objective: Go to the helipad

The helipad, airstrip 13, is occupied by a black helicopter (710,915). Approach it with the same caution and way as for the occult report if you aren't already near it.

Objective: Examine the cargo

In the back of the helicopter close to its tail is a biohazard crate. Inspect this suspicious and hazardous cargo.

Tier 5

Objective: Find an unattended laptop

There were two laptops on the table that the Occult Report was taken from. Return to the picnic table on the other side of the helicopter. An Orochi laptop sits unattended (735,930).

Objective: Upload information to your faction HQ

Use the laptop. Uploading information takes no time at all!

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