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This new website for the game's relaunch is still incomplete. In the meantime, most of the old guides on the legacy website should still prove useful. Most missions have not changed.

Legacy website
Kingsmouth Town Policeman's Corpse (105,300)
1 220 250

Tier 1

Objective: Grab the ammo from the pickup

Walk around to the back of the pickup and pick up a box of ammo.

Objective: Find Deputy Andy

Follow the road to Kingsmouth Town and you will find the Sheriff's Office. Deputy Andy is located on the roof of the Sherrif's Office, which is accessible from the stairs behind the building.

Approach Deputy Andy at the corner of the roof.


Objective: Place the ammo in the ammo box

Simply use the box as shown in the picture below to place the ammo in it.

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