Death, and the Instruments Thereof

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Kingsmouth Town Sandy "Moose" Jansen (195,345)
3 375 250

Tier 1

Objective: Check Moose's shopping list

Inspect the shopping list on the table beside Moose.

Tier 2

Objective: Go to the Sycoil gas station

Go down Elm Street. The Sycoil gas station is at the end of the street (325,230).

Objective: Collect propane tank

Propane tanks can be found scattered around the gas station. Pick one up.

Tier 3

Objective: Go to the kindergarten or Kingsmouth Municipal Park

Make way to the Kingsmouth Municipal Park (470,430).

Objective: Collect ball bearings from a bicycle or tricycle

Look around the park. Abandoned bicycles and tricycles have been left throughout the park grounds. Use one for your needs.

Tier 4

Objective: Go to Jack & Wendy's Bed & Breakfast

Follow Belmont Avenue down as it stretches toward Journey's End. On the way is Jack & Wendy's Bed & Breakfast (685,395).

Objective: Collect kitty litter

Pick up a bag of kitty litter from the front porch.

Tier 5

Objective: Go to the derelict trawler

Go to the derelict trawler across the street (625,390) from the Bed & Breakfast

Objective: Collect diesel

A diesel tank rests against the back of the upside-down trawler (625,385).

Tier 6

Objective: Go to Kingsmouth Volunteer Fire Dept.

Head to the Kingsmouth Volunteer Fire Department on King's Court (485,530).

Objective: Collect a cold pack

Enter the fire station and take the stairs up to the next floor. In the infirmary with Fire Chief Soule are multiple cold packs lining the shelves (470,530). Collect any one of the cold packs there.

Tier 7

Objective: Go to the café on Arkham Avenue

Go to the café on the corner of Arkham Avenue and Lovecraft Lane (290,390) that advertises Pam the Clam.

Objective: Collect a carton of orange juice

Take one of the cartons of orange juice rotting on the front steps to the café.

Tier 8

Objective: Put Moose's ingredients in the box

Return to Moose and use the crate (200,345) to despit Moose's ingredients you so diligently collected.

Moose has everything he needs thanks to you.

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