Dirty Laundry

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Solomon Island Cleaner's Corpse (415,470)
1 781 400

Tier 1

Objective: Examine the phone

Look at the phone in the cleaner's hand to see if there's anything still on it that could be of use.

Objective: Find the hidden keypad

Find the hidden keypad that the cleaner was headed for.

It's mentioned in the text.

The keypad is under a loose stone that looks like a mound of dirt beneath a tree at the Kingsmouth Congregational Church (295,435). Inspect the mound to reveal the keypad hidden within.

Objective: Enter the code and forward the footage to HQ

Enter the correct code into the keypad.

The phone text also mentions a code.

It's the first song that was to be sung at the church on Sunday.

The Kingsmouth Congregational Church has a list inside of psalms which were to be sung (280,470).

Input 576 on the keypad outside to complete the mission.

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