Dust to Dust

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Kingsmouth Town Henry Hawthorne (285,475)
3 751 400

Tier 1

Objective: Locate an unmarked mass grave

Leave the church and go past its graveyard. In the woods is an unmarked mass grave (175,560) filled with Draug Bodysnatchers, their Returned Townie taskforce, and the still-burning reanimated corpses of Charred Remains and Witch-Trial Victims.

Objective: Kill Charred Remains and Witch-Trial Victims

Kill a total of 5 of any combination of Charred Remains and Witch-Trial Victims. As long as the zombie is a horrific mass of burnt flesh found in the unmarked mass grave, it counts.

Tier 2

Objective: Locate a second mass grave

Go west and up the hill against the cliff, where another mass grave awaits (45,575). This time there are undead miners instead of ashen zombies.

Objective: Kill Blue Ridge Forgotten and Watchmen

Kill 5 of the Blue Ridger miners, be they a Blue Ridge Watchman or a Blue Ridge Forgotten.

Tier 3

Objective: Locate a third mass grave

Head south to walk right into a third mass grave (40,510).

Objective: Kill Suffocated Miners

Kill 5 of the Suffocated Miners shambling around the mass grave.

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