Evolution of the Species

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Kingsmouth Town Harrison Blake (390,990)
3 667 400

Tier 1

Objective: Go to the defence perimeter

Go to the defence perimeter composed of Orochi Barriers at the edge of the Orochi base (400,945).

Objective: Defend the perimeter

Defend the Orochi Barriers and prevent them from being destroyed as 3 waves consisting of 2 Rampaging Folr attack.

Tier 2

Objective: Find bits of the barricades stolen by draug

Head west to the draug-infested beach. Bits and pieces of the barricade jut out of the fleshy draug mounds (445,935).

Objective: Destroy the stolen pieces of technology

Attack and destroy 5 Orochi Barrier pieces found within the draugrmounds. Each piece has 200 HP.

Tier 3

Objective: Collect an empty gas can

Objective: Collect a hose

Objective: Collect a funnel

Empty gas cans are strewn around a small puddle (530,860). Take any one of them.

Multiple hoses have washed ashore alongside a tire on the beach (470,900).

A jack-o-lantern wears a funnel as a hat at the pumpkin stand (420,840) while another funnel sits in the chair.

Objective: Siphon gas from an abandoned car

It's time to steal some gas. Siphon gas from the gas cap of the red vehicle by the pumpkin stand (420,835).

Tier 4

Objective: Burn a pod cluster

Return to the beach and find the Ignition Point on any one of the draugr pod clusters. Ignite the pod cluster with extreme prejudice.

The pod blossoms.

Objective: Kill the Folr Warmonger

From the burning maw of madness rises the Folr Warmonger. Kill it.

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