Full Metal Golem

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Kingsmouth Town Scrapyard Edgar (610,675)
3 833 400

Tier 1

Objective: Collect a spark plug from the Scrap Golem Disassembler

Edgar's parts have assembled into scrap golems and walked out on him. Head into the scrapyard beyond Edgar and his 'Zombi-Waster' bus. Behind a pile of tires in a loop is the Scrap Golem Disassembler (655,675) standing still along the path of the ring and periodically sparking. Nearby are 3 Incomplete Scrap Golem Disassemblers, which remain inactive until the Scrap Golem Disassembler is engaged.

Defeat the Scrap Golem Disassembler and its surrounding Incomplete Scrap Golem Disassemblers. When brought to 25% health, the Scrap Golem Disassembler deactivates and begins to repair itself to full health for 15 seconds. Use it and take the spark plug before it can repair and re-engage.

Tier 2

Objective: Collect a carburetor from the Scrap Golem Welder

The hulking Scrap Golem Welder waits in the center (630,720) of the scrapyard and is surrounded by 3 deactivated scrap golems.

Damage the Scrap Golem Welder until it deactivates. Attacking the Scrap Golem Welder activates the Incomplete Scrap Golem Disassemblers and causes them to attack. Defeat or impair them and collect a carburator from the body of the Scrap Golem Welder while it repairs itself.

Tier 3

Objective: Collect a crankshaft from the Scrap Golem Incinerator

In the back of the scrapyard (670,715) rests the Scrap Golem Incinerator. Like the others, it is surrounded by 3 Incomplete Scrap Golem Disassemblers.

Take the crankshaft from the Scrap Golem Incerator after bringing it to 25% health.

Tier 4

Objective: Collect a starter motor from the Noisy Scrap Golem

Go to the farthest end of the scrapyard, farther than even the Scrap Golem Incinerator. The Noisy Scrap Golem is in the middle of a lcearing (665,740). This time 4 Incomplete Scrap Golems surround it.

Bring the Noisy Scrap Golem to 25% health and claim the starter motor.

Tier 5

Objective: Put the parts in the box near Edgar before they assemble

Quickly return to Edgar and place the animating parts in the box (610,675) by his feet within 02:00 minutes before they can spontaneously reassemble into an aimless scrap golem and slip out of hand.

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