Men in Black Vans

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Kingsmouth Town Danny Dufresne (420,660)
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Tier 1

Objective: Investigate the black van

It can be found near the road junction to the north of the skate park.

Tier 2

Objective: Log in on the laptop

Logging into the laptop in the back of the van will require a certain password. The only hint given is "My wife"... A few hints are available below, followed by the solution.

Only a stone's throw from the van are two dead bodies. Interact with them to examine their ID cards.

There might be some useful information on the Orochi Group's website:

The Orochi website offers an Employee Finder. When you search for Kitsune Hayabusa, the name of his wife will be listed. Her name is Sally. Input Sally into the laptop.

Tier 3

Objective: Use the tracking device

Pick up the tracking device in the back of the van, next to the laptop. Activate it from your inventory. The beeps will become more frequent and loud as you get closer to the destination.

Your target destination is the Orochi Occult Attractor. You get there by running eastwards from the van in pretty much a straight line. The coorindates are (570,865). Refer to the minimap below.

Tier 4

Objective: Figure out how to deactivate the Occult Attractor

Interact with the control panel.

Objective: Deactivate the Occult Attractor

If you make any mistakes in the sequence, you will be attacked.

The laptop in the back of the Orochi van already gave you instructions for how to disable it.

This is where the assembly sequence from the computer comes in handy, but seeing as we want to disassemble it, do the steps in reverse.

1) EKT Transmitter Antenna
2) Manifest Agitator
3) PK Pulse Unit

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