Missing Persons

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Kingsmouth Town Missing Persons List (185,320)
1 688 250

Tier 1

Objective: Locate John Allerton

Objective: Locate Francis Eaton

Objective: Locate Christopher Martin

Objective: Locate Joseph Rogers

Objective: Locate Fire Chief Soule

Objective: Locate Mary Brewster

Find the multitudes of missing persons posted on the Kingsmouth Sheriff Station list. Simply targeting these people is typically adequate to locate them.

John Allerton is a zombie in a small corner of yards accessible behind the Town Hall (340,380).

Francis Eaton is a zombie kicking a gas tank in the back of a house by Angell Street (475,415).

Christopher Martin sits inside the Kingsmouth Congregational Church, safe and sound (295,455).

Joseph Rogers is a zombie in the corner of a playground (425,370) accessible from alleys either at (400,440) or (445,370).

Fire Chief Soule is a zombie dutifully keeping to second floor of the Kingsmouth Volunteer Fire Department (465,530).

Mary Brewster is an unfortunate corpse being ravaged by ghouls on her front porch by the Fire Department (435,520).

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