Runaway Lights

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Kingsmouth Town Ellis Hill (900,700)
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Tier 1

Objective: Examine the airport blueprints on the wall

Examine the Airport Blueprints against the wall (905,715) by the hangar door.

Objective: Check the wiring in passage one

Enter passage one, the entrance to which is by a fallen fire truck (850,790). The water inside is electrified.

The circuit is on the other side, but water conducting high voltage electricity fills the passage. Getting in the hazardous water will cause you to be Electrified and suffer immense damage with every second in the water.

To get to the other side, either:

Go left and walk along the wall, jumping where water separates the two sides.


Go right and carefully jump onto the barrels, wooden planks, and trash bins standing in the water.

Going left is the easiest way, as there's only one point of failure.

Inspect the Damaged Wiring (840,770). Examining it cuts off the power for 25 seconds, rendering the water harmless for that short period of time. Get out of passage one before the electricity returns!

Tier 2

Objective: Check the wiring in passage two

The door to passage directly across from the wiring is closed, but the farther entrance is not. Enter passage two (860,805).

Draug fill the passageway, but the water itself is otherwise safe. Get to the other side, defeating draug along the way.

Examine the Damaged Wiring at the far opposite end of the passage (840,835).

Tier 3

Objective: Check the wiring in passage three

Enter passage three (880,770).

The waters within passage three are heavily polluted with Toxic Waste. Stepping into the green miasma will make you suffer damage every second while standing in the Toxic Waste.

Some water has yet to mix with the waste. Jump right from the entryway and to the toxic waste drums piled against the side of the stairs. From there, follow the path of clear water to the other set of stairs at the other side of the passage. Be mindful of the toxic waste runoff in the middle of the passage (885,750) and wait for a pause in the runoff to cross by it.

Once on the other stairs, hop down to the ledge below and follow it all the way around to the Damaged Wiring (900,735).

To leave passage three, follow the ledge until reaching an overturned waste drum near a toppled green dumpster. Jump on the barrel and then leap to the clear waters in the middle of the passage. The coast is clear back up the pile of bins and out of the passage.

Tier 4

Objective: Check the wiring in passage four

Go to the entrance to passage four (920,765). A draug guards the way and needs to be killed.

Passage four is another draug-infested passage.

Go to the Damaged Wiring on the other side (900,800) while killing any draug that get in the way.

Tier 5

Objective: Go to the generator room

The generator room is on the eastern end of the airport. As with all rooms regarding important electrical equipment, the access point isn't immediately out in the open. A scrap golem can be seen patrolling within it, but the room is inaccessible without taking the service tunnel.

To get to the generator room, first jump on top of the blue barrels sitting against the fence (1010,750) on the northeastern edge of the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport.

Jump the fence and cross the cliff to the large tunnel nearby at the base of the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport (995,770).

Entering leads to the fifth and final passage. From there, go up the closest set of stairs. The other stairs lead directly into the arms of a deadly golem. Both stairs go to the generator room.

Objective: Destroy the Circuit Breaker

The Circuit Breaker paces the generator room while viciously guarding the generator. Defeat the golem and end its restless vigil.

There's Something About Ellis Hill...
The Beaten Body resting against the pump in the generator room (940,740) starts There's Something About Ellis Hill... although being on Runaway Lights is not necessary to start this mission.

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