Supply Run

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Kingsmouth Town Helen Bannerman (185,320)
3 378 250

Tier 1

Objective: Find a local phonebook

Look around for a nearby phonebook. One can be found on a shelf under the phone in the Sheriff's Station (190,340).

Tier 2

Objective: Go to Susie's Diner

Head to Susie's Diner on Belmont Avenue (390,305).

Objective: Collect preserved food

Take 3 jars, cans, or packages of Preserved Food from around and behind the Diner's counter.

Tier 3

Objective: Go to the Call of the Wild

Leave Susie's Diner and go across Main Street to the Call of the Wild (400,360).

Objective: Collect ammunition boxes

Pick up 3 Ammunition Boxes from the Call of the Wild. They can be found strewn on the windowsill and on the sidewalk.

Tier 4

Objective: Go to Creed Bros Hardware Supplies

Go up the street to Creed Bros Hardware Supplies (370,395).

Objective: Enter Creed Bros Hardware Supplies

Try to use the door.

Objective: Kill the Jury-Rigged Protector guarding Creed Bros Hardware Supplies to salvage its parts

Kill the enormous automaton that appears upon knocking on the door to the store.

Tier 5

Objective: Find Flagg's Pharmacy

Continue up the street to Flagg's Pharmacy (355,415).

Objective: Enter Flagg's Pharmacy

Knock on the door.

The door is locked and barred from the inside.

Objective: Use a phonebook to locate other sources of first aid

Find a phone and corresponding phonebook. One can be found at the intersection of Arkham Avenue and Main Street by a payphone (345,435).

Tier 6

Objective: Search the fire station for first aid

Go to the Kingsmouth Volunteer Fire Department on King's Court (475,420) and head inside to begin the search.

Objective: Collect first aid kits

Pick up 3 First Aid Kits from around the Fire Department. First aid kits can be found on the walls and shelves throughout the building.

Objective: (Optional) Open the map with (M) and click on the Anima Well at the sheriff's station to Anima Leap back

Objective: Place the supplies in the store room at the sheriff's office

Go to the Sheriff's station (180,335). This can be done by simply walking there, or optionally by Anima Leaping back.

Place the acquired supplies in the store room (185,340).

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