The Hunger

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Kingsmouth Town Mutilated corpse (335,180)
1 407 250

The wounds on a mutilated corpse close to the woods suggest a mauling from something even more dangerous than zombies. Search for the predator.

Tier 1

A trail of blood leads away from the corpse. It could lead you to the predator.

Objective: Follow the blood trail

Follow the trail of blood leading away from the mutilated corpse. Visual tracking has been initiated to make identifying the blood easier.

The blood trail leads to a mangled corpse (315,140) by a tree not far from where the first mangled corpse had been found. There is more blood trailing away.

Tier 2

The blood led to another mangled corpse. The beast can't be far away.

Objective: Follow the blood trail

Continue to follow the blood trail. The trail of gore ends at a large pile of flesh and bones (220,100) in the Wispwood.

Tier 3

The predator strikes. Kill it.

Objective: Kill the Voracious Wendigo

A Voracious Wendigo immediately attacks in an ambush as you approach its corpse hoard! It will run away when it is sufficiently wounded.

Tier 3 Fail

The beast was too strong. Return to the mutilated corpse to start the hunt again.

Objective: Return to the mutilated corpse

Whether you are killed by the Voracious Wendigo or you run too far away from it and allow it to despawn, you will need to return to the mutilated corpse (220,100) that the Voracious Wendigo ambushed you at. There, the Voracious Wendigo will attack again and return the objective to "Kill the Voracious Wendigo".

Tier 4

The attacking beast fled. Find it before it has finished licking its wounds.

Objective: Follow the beast's blood trail

Follow the trail of blood left by the Voracious Wendigo during its retreat as it leads to the lair of the beast (150,210).

Tier 5

The beast returned to its lair. The graveyard of bones and gore prove that it has been here a lot longer than the zombies, preying on anyone venturing alone into the forest. This suggests that creatures of the night made Solomon Island their home well before the fog hit.

Objective: Kill the beast

Kill the Voracious Wendigo.

Tier 5 Fail

The beast was too strong. Return to its lair to try again.

Objective: Go to the beast's lair

If the Voracious Wendigo has killed you or you ran away from the Voracious Wendigo, you will need to go to the pile of corpses (150,210) that mark the beast's lair on the edge of the Wispwood. As soon as you get close, the beast will appear and you will return to the objective "Kill the beast".

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