The Pick-Up

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Kingsmouth Town Che Garcia Hansson (115,690)
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Tier 1

Objective: Enter the maintenance tunnels and escort Cassandra

Go to the entrance of the Maintenance Tunnels (35,690) within the Blue Ridge Tunnel and go inside.

Tier 2

Objective: Escort Cassandra through the security

"What the fuck happened here? Somebody's been tampering with the security."

- Cassandra King

Escort Cassandra through the tunnels. Avoid laser grids and be wary of the security cameras. Cameras are identified by the light they cast on the ground. If caught in a camera's light, it will turn yellow. If long enough under its gaze, it will turn red and kill you. If caught, run or hide out of their line of sight.

Perfect Crime
The achievement Perfect Crime can be completed once within the Maintenance Tunnels and escorting Cassandra. This achievement is one of the Unseen Achievements, requiring that you aren't seen during The Pick-Up.

Tier 3

Objective: Use the security grid to neutralise the intruders

"There's a box over there somewhere. I've seen B use it, controls the laser grids. If we could get that reactivated..."

- Cassandra King

There are some intruders on the other side of the laser grid.

Follow Cassandra's advice and use the control box nearby to reactivate it. Using the control box will cause horizontal lasers to appear on the ground.

Ensure that the patrolling purple person on the other side crosses over the laser defenses. Every time the box is used, it will activate one of three lasers in order, as signified by the light above the box.

Objective: Deactivate the security field and move on

With the intruders out of the way, go into the hallway and use the security field controls to deactivate the security field.

Objective: Escort Cassandra further in

Enter the hallway next to the security field controls now that the laser grid has been taken care of.

Tier 4

Objective: Choose a door

"Hold on. I remember B telling me this place connects to the sewers."

"With the security on the fritz... You know, eyes open?"

- Cassandra King

Pick a door to go through, but be wary - something may lurk on the other side. To determine which door is safe, listen to the sound close to each door. One door will be safe, but the other two hold draug behind them.

Objective: Escort Cassandra further in

Go through the door to the other side.

Tier 5

Objective: Cross the electric grid

"Another one of B's little counter measures. Keeps the draug out, they don't like being zapped.

"Careful, Watch your step."

- Cassandra King

Entering the first door on the left presents you with an electrified floor, perfect for keeping the Draug and unwitting thieves out. To make it across, step only on the black plates, empty. The blue plates are electirified. Some flicker in and out, so watch out for those.

Objective: Escort Cassandra further in

Take Cassandra through the door at the end of the electric floor.

Tier 6

Objective: Disable the security system

"This wasn't here the last time, I swear. B's got some serious trust issues."

"Think you can figure it out?"

- Cassandra King

A laser grid surrounds the package Cassandra King so desires.

Luckily, there are switches for the security field against the wall. Use the switches until all lights above them turn green to disable the security system.

If all switches are untouched, simply using the first switch on the left and the second switch on the right will disable the security system.

Objective: Pick up the package

As soon as the security system is disabled, Cassandra begins to monologue.

"Okay, so here's the deal. I'm gonna level with you. It's better for everyone if this package doesn't end up with those fucking Morninglight hippies.

"We're a different breed, you and I. We're better than they are. So let me take this with me and go through that door, and I'll owe you a favor. A big one."

"Do we have a deal?"

- Cassandra King

Approaching the package for pickup or waiting for Cassandra to stop talking will do no good. Cassandra will afflict you with Black Kiss, which immobilizes you until Cassandra decides otherwise.

"I'm sorry, honey. I have to go. Believe me, I hate this as much as you do."

"We'll see each other again, when the both of us have grown a bit. I'd like that very much."

"Take care, okay? When I'm ready for you, you'll know where to find me. I promise."

- Cassandra King

Cassandra takes the package and absconds with it with ease.

It is only after Cassandra leaves that Black Kiss is removed.

Tier 7

Objective: Leave the maintenance tunnels

Head out the door and leave the maintenance tunnels. The laser grid blocking the path will no longer function properly and will periodically fail, allowing a swift exit.

Get out of there.

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