The Raven

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Solomon Island Madame Rogêt (290,335)
3 376 250

Tier 1

Objective: Search for ravens

Begin your hunt for those crafty corvids. Exit the Raven's Knock and take a look around. A lone raven sits right outside (270,335). Go to it. The raven will fly off as soon as you do so.

Objective: Follow the raven

You have 60 seconds to follow the raven once it departs. Run after the raven in the direction it flew to (290,380) at a stop sign.

Objective: Follow the ravens

Approaching the ravens will again cause them to fly away. Follow the birds within 60 seconds until you reach a playground full of a flock (250,420). Approach the flock.

Objective: Defeat the Revenant

The ravens swiftly coalesce into a revenant when approached. Defeat the beastly bird.

Objective: Collect the revenant feather

Pluck the feather from the ground within 60 seconds where the revenant had been defeated.

Tier 2

Objective: Look for ravens

Look farther out for the ravens, which are now gathered in greater number just past the playground (230,460).

Objective: Follow the ravens

Once approached, the ravens fly even off once more. Follow them in less than 60 seconds to a tree (200,500).

Objective: Follow the ravens

Within 60 seconds, chase the growing unkindness to the middle of the rocky Fletcher road, where they once more await (235,555).

Objective: Defeat the revenant

The revenant reappears, ready to strike. Defeat it.

Objective: Collect the revenant feather

Once the revenant has been defeated again, it drops another feather to pluck within 60 seconds.

Tier 3

Objective: Look for ravens

With the revenant retreating, its ravens need to be found. Waiting just down Priest Heights is an even greater number of the birds (280,555).

Objective: Follow the ravens

Not willing to be caught, the ravens fly off and once more give 60 seconds to be found. They sit farther down the road (320,525).

Objective: Follow the ravens

As the ravens are wont to do, they flutter off, leaving 60 seconds to reach them (505,145).

Objective: Defeat the revenant

The revenant will not rest. Defeat it.

Objective: Collect the revenant feather

Pick up one more feather from the fiend.

Tier 4

Objective: Search for ravens

Look for more ravens nearby to chase. They have begun to congregate near the crossroads of Kingsmouth Road (395,500).

Objective: Follow the ravens

With only 60 seconds, chase the ravens to the fountain in the middle of the park (460,460).

Objective: Find a way to call the revenant

By the stagnant fountain is a corpse clutching a mysterious note. Read the note.

Tier 5

Objective: Summon the revenant

Follow the instructions on the mysterious note to summon the revenant.

To do so, place feathers on the fountain at each of the directions indicated by the note. Be sure to do so correctly by placing feathers at the following orientations: North (473,462), East (480,454), and South (474,445). Placed feathers may despawn if the ritual is not completed after a while.

Objective: Kill the bound revenant

Placing the final feather will bring forth the revenant to destroy. Kill the bad bird once and for all.

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