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They Never Stop Coming

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Kingsmouth Town Norma Creed (360,105)
3 000 250

Tier 1

Objective: Go to the back of Norma’s house

Go to the southern side of the house.

Objective: Kill the attacking zombies

Each wave will consist of 2-3 zombies. They will select a random barricade. Kill them before they can break any of the barriers.

Tier 2

Objective: Collect body parts around Norma’s house

Pick up five zombie body parts from the area marked on your map.

Objective: Throw bodyparts on the bonfire

Head back to Norma and her big bonfire, throw the bodyparts on it and watch the effect.

Tier 3

Objective: Kill slow and dry zombies for body parts

Objective: Kill wet zombies from the sea for body parts

Objective: Kill fast moving zombies for body parts

Objective: Kill zombie cultists for body parts

These zombies primarily dwell in the area south-west of Norma's house.

These are found along most of the coast, often near the Draug.

These are your typical zombies found along Kingsmouth’s many streets.

These zombies primarily dwell by the Pyramid Point area around (607,100).

Objective: Throw dry shambler body parts on the bonfire

Head back to the bonfire at Norma's house. Interact with the bonfire.

Objective: Throw wet shambler body parts on the bonfire

Interact with the bonfire again.

Objective: Throw zombie runner body parts on the bonfire

Once more, throw body parts at the bonfire.

Objective: Throw cultist body parts on the bonfire

Observe as these body parts alter the colour of the bonfire flames. The flames will briefly turn blue.

Tier 4

Objective: Examine the blue cultist fires

Find a cultist bonfire. They are plentiful east of Norma's house.

Tier 5

Objective: Kill zombie cultists for body parts

You can usually find at least two zombie cultists at each blue campfires east of Norma's house.

Objective: Light the cultist fires to complete the ritual

Near Pyramid Point, at the very eastern part of the coast, there are four cultist fires. Interact with all of them.

Objective: Defeat the Cultist Leader

After completing the ritual, the Cultist Leader will spawn from blue flames and proceed to attack you. Kill it to finish the mission.

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