Veterans Day

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Kingsmouth Town Kingsmouth War Memorial (265,490)
1 875 400

Tier 1

Objective: Kill Zed "Flamer" Johnson

Objective: Kill Edwin "The Doc" Mannon

Objective: Kill "Deadeye" Dan Williams

Objective: Kill Cannonball Bill

Objective: Kill Terry O'Reilly, The Irish Tank

Kill the veterans-turned-zombies.

Zed "Flamer" Johnson can be found by a red truck on Langmore Trail (130,510).

Edwin "The Doc" Mannon cna be found huddled with other zombies by a tree east of Fletcher Road (255,635).

"Deadeye" Dan Williams can be found wandering about east of the Hippie Camp (185,685).

Cannonball Bill can be found gnawing at a corpse between a rock just west of the Hippie Camp (85,655).

Terry O'Reilly, The Irish Tank can be found wandering east of the Hippie Camp by the coastline (255,715).

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