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Dead Drop

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New Dawn Mark's Notes (440,440)
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Tier 1

Objective: Find the dead drop

Find the dead drop somewhere around New Dawn. The dead drop itself is a blue folder very similar to Mark's Notes.

The dead drop has a wide variety of spawn points available. Pictured below is just one of many.

Dead Drop Spawn Points

The location of the dead drop is different for each instance of New Dawn, but is still one of many possible distinct locations. If you can't find the dead drop in your instance, call out and see if another instance knows where theirs is!

A list of possible spawn points for the dead drop is being compiled below. Coordinates and details subject to change.

  • (407,518) - Against the corner of a building on the northwestern edge of the Anointed Quarters. It is just barely outside of the mission perimeter on the minimap.
  • (407,424) - On a power box above two garbage bins.
  • (597,504) - Between two drinking fountains inside the call center.
  • (448,518) - On the ground against a wall.
  • (449,461) - On a power box.
  • (449,419) - On a power box.
  • (472,419) - On a power box.
  • (477,424) - On a power box.
  • (495,512) - On a power box.
  • (568,465) - On a fridge.
  • (609,470) - On top of an old computer against the wall near the coffee in the call center.
  • (595,500) - On a cabinet inside the call center.
  • (585,489) - In front of the call center.
  • (555,472) - On a shelf in the kitchen.
  • (545,460) - On top of a fridge in the kitchen.
  • (542,460) - Under the sink in the kitchen.
  • (523,516) - In a cubby in the printing center.

Objective: Return the dead drop to Mark Strokes

Return to Mark Strokes (440,440) to deliver the dead drop.

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