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Posted by Nordavind on November 3, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on February 2, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Savage Coast Nicholas Winter (545, 600) XP

691 920

PAX17 500  BB4
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Tier 1

Objective: Decipher Nathaniel Winter’s Last Will and Testament

You need to pick up the will first. It is in the passenger seat of Nicholas’ car. You can right click it in your inventory and read it.


As for the deciphering, you need to have done A Carnival of Souls first, and kept Winter’s monocle which you picked up at the end. If you right click the monocle, you will get a five minute buff called Clear Vision.


If you read the will again, you will now see things more clearly.


Objective: Go to the location hinted at in the will

The only location in the will is “a small piece of Henderson’s farm”. The remainder of the farm is south and west of the parking lot. The place we need to be is in the barn at (510, 565), south of where Nicolas stands.


Tier 2

Objective: Search the barn for the first part of the plans

The plan is on the floor in the barn. It is possible to reach them without having to fight Blackchaff at the back of the barn.


Objective: Find the second part of the plans

The plans are now in you inventory. You may right click them to read them.


Looks like a map at first glance…

….unless you have the monocle buff going. Let’s head to the bumper cars inside the park as it seems to be a start or end point.


When here, and while the buff is still going (reapply buff as needed), you will see the markings appearing on the plans are also on the ground! Let’s follow them.


You’ll end up at the bumper car arena fence, and on the other side there is something stuck on the fence.


Run around and find the second part of the plans.


Tier 3

Objective: Find the third part of the plans

New plans in your inventory to read, but nothing interesting on them. Yet.

Let’s follow the white markings on the ground a bit farther. They will take you past the Ferris wheel where you can see some red glass on the platform.


Pick up some red glass. In your inventory it will be called red lens and it has the same size and form as the monocle. Add the monocle and the red lens to your crafting window and assemble them to get this. Reapply the buff and open the second plan again. More markings. Let’s head back the way we came.


You’ll soon enough spot the red markings on the ground. Follow them.


The markings goes past this booth. The plans are attached to the wall.


Tier 4

Objective: Find the fourth part of the plans

New plans, nothing interesting on them.

If you paid attention to your surroundings when you followed the red markings, you may have noticed some blue glass on the ground not far from the third part of the plan.


You can not simply add the blue lens to the current monocle. You first need to disassemble the monocle with the red lens before you can add the blue lens. After using the blue lens monocle buff, you can now read the third part of the plans. Seems like the pattern starts at the Octotron. Let’s head that way.


Blue markings found, let’s follow them.


We’ll end up at the roller coaster. Plans are pinned to the fence.


Tier 5

Find the final part of the plans

As with the other plans there is nothing interesting on them at first glance.

No more coloured glass is to be found either.

What we need to do is combine the red and the blue lens at the same time with the monocle to get a purple one. You need to disassemble the monocle first if you already have a coloured lens in it. The purple lens gives us a new clue. Head for the very centre of the park.


When you find the purple markings on the ground follow them north. The final part is on the west side of this hut.


Objective: Complete the circuit diagram

Click the purple symbol on the wall. It may be a bit hard to find a place to click, but place the mouse pointer something like this (where the arrow points).


Objective: Overload the circuit

The circuit consists of an AC voltage source, an inductor, a diode and a resistor.

Hint here…We can overload this circuit by backtracking the route we used to get here.

First click the AC voltage source (purple).

Then the resistor (blue).

Diode (red).

And finally the inductor (white).


Watch the cut scene of things blowing up, and you have completed the mission.

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  • Solaralune

    I just did this quest again tonight, and when I got to the very last step – clicking the white, blue, red, purple – I wasn’t able to activate the cutscene. It seems that Purple and White had been switched around. I’m not sure if it’s been changed or something, but I thought I’d leave a comment. Thanks for the great guides!

  • Alessar

    Yeah the last step is wrong. After the AC Source, click on the resistor, then then Diode, and lastly the Inductor. — from which is no longer updated. So I think the write up here is just wrong.

  • Hoggimus Doggimus

    On the last step- you got the names in the right sequence (AC Source, Resistor, Diode and Inductor) but you have white and purple reversed. The correct colors, in sequence, are AC Source (purple,) Resistor (blue,) Diode (red) and Inductor (white.) Otherwise, decent guide for a non-intuitive mission, so thanks.

    • Vikestart

      Fixed, thank you. :)