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Jack’s Back

Posted by Nordavind on October 13, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on January 28, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Savage Coast John Wolf (455,675) XP172 980 PAX10 000  BB2
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Tier 1

Objective: Go to the pumpkin patch

Head south on the road next to John Wolf to this area.


Objective: Clear the field of Ghostflights

Green floating lights. You may at one point seem to have cleared the field, but more are around, just keep looking.


Objective: Destroying his Ghostflights lured Jack out – defeat him

Jack will spawn from the scarecrow in the middle of the field.


Tier 2

Objective: Follow the wisp

You do not fail the mission if you do not keep up with the wisp. It will move to this area, so head there in your own pace if you like.


Objective: Clear the field of Sackcloth Scarecrows

They’re big, mean and are carrying chainsaws.


Objective: Defeat Jack O’Lantern

I got a real “Get off my lawn” feeling here. Defeat him. Again.


Tier 3

Objective: Follow the wisp

No need to actually follow the wisp. The next area is right next to where you defeated Jack.


Objective: Kill the Revenants

Revenants are, as always, summoned by scaring away crows. Flocks are found in the area on the ground and on posts. If your gear is no more than level appropriate I suggest clearing the area around the crowns for ghostflights. They are rather annoying when they interfere in the fight with the revnants.


When all is clear, take on some revnants. You need to kill three of them.


Objective: Defeat Jack O’Lantern

You know the drill.


Tier 4

Objective: Follow the wisp

Go the location marked on the map.


Objective: Find and defeat Jack O’Lantern

Now where cloud the king of pumpkins be hiding in a field full of pumpkin patches.


Run up to the patches to try to locate Jack. You will most likely be meeting a few ghostflights pretending to be Jack. His position is random, so keep trying to find him.


When you finally find him, be prepared for a longer fight than before. He will disappear and reappear behind you, and he will also use pumpkin bombs. The mission ends upon his death.


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