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Taking the Purple

Posted by Nordavind on October 5, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on March 12, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Savage Coast John Wolf (455,675) XP172 970 PAX10 000  BB2
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Tier 1

Objective: Go to the Atlantic Island Park

Follow the main road eastwards from John Wolfe, take the second exit to the right and follow the road to this area.


Objective: Examine the corpse

Arriving at the area will update the mission. Interact with this corpse to examine it.


Objective: Look around for more corpses

Follow the road a bit further, and the mission will update when you see more dead people.


Tier 2

Objective: Continue down the road

Continue to follow the road about half way into this area.


Objective: Defeat the ambushers

Three attackers dressed in purple will rush towards you. Take them out.


Tier 3

Objective: Locate the ambushers’ hideout

Head to the house conveniently circled on the map.


Objective: Find a way into the house

The mini-map tells us to go to the back of the house to get inside. As this is a sabotage mission, it’s probably intended for you to avoid the guards patrolling around the house, however they do not put up much of a fight if you choose to go on a rampage.


Interact with the cellar door to enter a solo instance called “the Safehouse”.


Objective: Access the PC

Time to become Sam Fisher and go Splinter Cell on this cellar. First, jump over this laser tripwire. I find it easier to do this while sprint is activated, as you jump farther.


As you can’t pass this laser barrier without being blown up, you must find another way.


The light in front of you is a camera that moves at set intervals. The bright area on the floor is its field of view.


Run in under the camera when it faces away from you like this.


Wait for it to move back to the right and run forward.


Watch out for the laser trip wire here.  Jump over it.


You may now access the PC by interacting with it.


Whenever I get the chance, I disable security measures before anything else (in case something unforeseen happens or I forget it later). If you want to do this, type “2” and hit enter.


Security is now off. You need to close the computer terminal and reopen it to proceed.


To progress the mission you need to select entry 1 (type 1 and hit enter).


And in the second menu select entry 2. I do, however, suggest reading all the entries for the background story.


Entry 2 log.


Objective: Pick up the tracking device next to the PC

This one. Interact with it to pick it up.


Objective: Locate and destroy the first camera

Objective: Locate and destroy the second camera

Objective: Locate and destroy the third camera

The security has been turned off. Run to the stairs and interact with them to exit.


When outside you can turn on (right click) your newly acquired tracking device. It’s located in your inventory.


This will initiate a sonar game mechanic, represented both as a visual green display around you and a sonar ping. The closer you are to a objective, the more frequent the graphic and the ping will be. Note that it may sometimes stop working after you complete an objective. Simply right click it again to start it if this should occur.


All three cameras are found in Atlantic Island Park, so head back that way. The first camera you’ll meet is (listed as ‘second’ in the objectives) is placed at the park entrance at (620,595). They will all be highlighted in red.


To destroy a camera shoot it, or target the battery on the ground beneath it. Note that destroying the battery may damage you with an electrical current of you stand too close.


The second by this this large figure at (670,475).


The third (‘first’ in objectives) at at a similar figure at (625,390).


Tier 5

Objective: Locate and destroy the final camera

Head out of the park to this area.


The sonar should guide you to yet another one of these figures at (530,650). Destroy the camera.


Objective: Kill the Squad Leader

Oh dear. The Phoenicians (they are the purple guys) are not happy with you destroying their equipment. No need to go find him, he will find you and he has an unlimited supply of grenades. Keep moving and attacking. The death of the squad leader will complete the mission.


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