An Interlude of Sand

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The Scorched Desert Doctor Klein
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An Interlude of Sand is a one-time breadcrumb acquired after facing Doctor Klein during the mission The Angry Earth.


Objective: Travel to City of the Sun God

Make way to the City of the Sun God with any means desired.

Objective: Speak to Ptahmose

Once in the City of the Sun God, pay a visit to Ptahmose (340,90). He has much to say.

"You’ve felt it, haven’t you? The anguish of the trembling earth. It disturbs my children and plucks a discord in the song of the Sentinels. But this does not feel like the maleficence of Akhenaten."

"Speak with my daughter, Moutemouia. She will tell you more."

- Ptahmose

Objective: Speak with Moutemouia

Enter Moutemouia’s momument (830,250). This triggers the next mission in the chain, Digging Too Deep.

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