The Living Oil

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The Scorched Desert Zhara (560,450)
7 160 650

Tier 1

Objective: Go to the date factory

Head for the location marked on the map. This is a sabotage mission, so you might want to avoid the enemies around the date factory as they are pretty powerful.

Objective: Destroy the shipping truck

Approach the truck and destroy it. It will explode when destroyed.


Objective: Locate more trucks

Head inside the date factory compound. You might want to find an alternate way in, as the main entrance is guarded by incredibly strong level 50 cultists. Furthermore, make sure to avoid the cameras and the enemies inside the compound.

Objective: Destroy the second shipping truck

Objective: Destroy the third shipping truck

Try to keep a distance as these will also explode when destroyed.


Objective: Locate dates ready for shipment

You will find a stack of boxes right around the corner of the building at (290,250).

Objective: Store the dates stored for drying

Interact with the pile of boxes. Avoid the camera.

Objective: Find another batch of packed dates

Go to the marked location (350,320). Take care when moving through this area as there are many level 50 enemies there.

Objective: Destroy the dates stored for drying

These will be protected by Atenists. It is not advised to approach them head-on. Instead, interact with the propane tank nearby. By sabotaging it, you will make them run over there to investigate. This will give you the opportunity to destroy the dates unnoticed.

Tier 4

Objective: Find freshly picked dates

Head to the marked location (360,420). Be very careful when navigating through this area populated by level 50 enemies.

Objective: Destroy the freshly picked dates

Again, taking the cultists head on is not advised. Instead, sneak up to the nearby forklfit and interact with it to set off the alarm.

Tier 5

Objective: Search the area for the Filth source

Go to the location marked on the map. You’ll see a large area infected by filth.

Objective: Find a way to destroy the Filth-infected insect mound

Go around the filth pit to the other side. You’ll find an oil can. Interact with it to tip it over.

Then set fire to the spilled oil and watch the infected Locust hive burn down. Mission accomplished!

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