The Scorpion Queen

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The Scorched Desert Strange Device (805,310)
2 796 650

Tier 1

Objective: Pick up the thumper

Pick up the strange thumper device beside the Orochi corpse.

This will activate the radar module.

Objective: Follow the signal

Follow the radar to its destination: a small mound of sand surrounded by rocks (775,360) northwest of where the strange device was found.

Tier 2

Objective: Plant the thumper

Place the thumper on the spot. It's prime thumping space.

Objective: Kill the attacking scorpions

The thumper's thumping has agitated scorpions in the sand. A Sunstalker appears and attacks first. This scorpion has been affected by Rude Awakening and only has half of its HP as a result, making it easier to kill. A second Sunstalker appears after the first.

Once the two Sunstalkers have been dealt with, the Scorpion Queen deigns to make an appearance. She too has had a Rude Awakening and is dazed due to the thumper.

Kill the Queen.

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