The Voice of Klein

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The Scorched Desert Recorder (The Ankh)
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The Recorder is found in The Ankh as accessed during The Angry Earth.

Tier 1

Objective: Pick up the recorder

Take Doctor Klein’s recorder from the Filthy floor.

Objective: Pick up the recording

By the recorder is the first recording, right where it should be. Take it.

Objective: Play the first recording

With the recorder and recording in hand, you can play the first recording found. Use it from the depths of your mission inventory. Doing so will cause it to play the recording and consume it in the process.

Objective: Play the second recording

Objective: Play the third recording

Objective: Play the fourth recording

Objective: Play the fifth recording

Find the remaining four recordings and listen to them all.

The second recording is between some rubble between the stairs down into the Ankh and the first Anima Well. Picking it up will place it in your mission inventory for use, just like before.

The third recording is behind some boxes on the left of the hallway just past the first Mote of Aten. Large purple miasma prevents access that far down the hallway until it is dealt with through The Angry Earth.

The fourth recording is in a small Filthy alcove to the very right after exiting the hall of deathly purple tremors.

The fifth and final recording sits on Doctor Klein’s desk next to where he had just jovially been attempting to torture the player during The Angry Earth.

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