A Menagerie Darkly

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The Shadowy Forest Orochi Corpse (775,1140)
2 360 1 200

While this mission does not require you have A Trail of Breadcrumbs as an active mission and can be run independently, A Menagerie Darkly takes you through the same path as A Trail of Breadcrumbs.

Tier 1

Objective: Locate the 30-10a field report

Objective: Locate the 30-10b field report

Objective: Locate the 30-10c field report

Objective: Locate the 30-10d field report

Objective: Locate the 30-10e field report

Locate the 5 field reports. Each one is from a different Orochi Outpost within the Shadowy Forest.

In the Orochi corpse's hand is the Specimen A Report from Orochi Outpost 30-10a (775,1140).

Under the body of a deceased Orochi Agent is Speciment B Report (1110,1140) at Orochi Outpost 30-10b.

On the chair inside the Orochi communications van at Orochi Outpost 30-10c is Specimen C Report (1075,805). Many Orochi Sentry Drones patrol the outpost perimeter. If caught in their scan, they will Stun you for 5 seconds.

Meandering the outskirts of Orochi Outpost 30-10d is Discharged Overgrowth (555,730), which walks perpetually in a circle until attacked. Specimen D Report can be found in the remains of the Overgrowth if killed.

Specimen E Report is in Orochi Outpost 30-10e by the lifeless body of the Orochi Agent who once held it (720,850).

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