Crying Wolf

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The Shadowy Forest Orochi Microscope (1105,1155)
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Tier 1

Objective: Obtain a Syringe

Take the syringe right next to the Orochi microscope.

Tier 2

Objective: Kill a Codrul Brute after using the syringe on it

Objective: Kill a Codrul Howler after using the syringe on it

Objective: Kill a Codrul Packleader after using the syringe on it

Kill a Codrul Brute, Codrul Howler, and Codrul Packleader in any order after using the syringe on the werewolf you intend to kill. All Codrul werewolves can be found in a small location: the Codrul territory (925,1100).

While targeting a desired werewolf, use the Syringe found in the Mission Inventory. They will receive the Blood Extraction buff for 30 seconds and must be killed while still under the effects of Blood Extraction.

Codrul Brutes litter the pack in pairs.

Codrul Howlers patrol the perimeter of the Codrul territory.

Codrul Packleaders are never far from their Wolfpack wolves or the hallowed trophies of the Codrul.

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