Dead Chamber

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The Shadowy Forest Containment Facility (Hatchet Falls)
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Mission Description: Before the Orochi Group co-opted it, Hatchet Falls was a containment facility for an ancient vampire named Janos Dragosani. Why did the Soviets keep the creature here? Janos can no longer answer, as you have slain him. Perhaps the Soviets or the Orochi left some files.

This mission is only available if and only if no alarms have been tripped at any point while within the Hatchet Falls Facility all the way until the final room of Tier 7 of When the Hatchet Falls. The Containment Facility is in a hidden room at the back of the Hatchet Falls Facility (215,150). If no alarms were tripped, a door will be open leading to the vampire Janos Dragosani.

Janos Dragosani activates the start of Dead Chamber when killed.

Tier 1

Task Description: Best to send any files regarding the ancient vampire to your superiors.

Objective: Upload Janos Dragosani files

Return to the main control room and access the Secured Files Terminal (215,190). Select 2) -- Upload Janos Dragosani files -- to upload the associated files and complete this mission.

Vampires Aren't Forever
Only if Dead Chamber has been completed within five minutes of entering the Hatchet Falls Facility will you earn Vampires Aren't Forever. Completing Dead Chamber at any time after five minutes have passed will not yield the achievement.

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