A Whispering Tide

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Agartha Received Automatically

Filth now seeps into the Hollow Earth through the Tokyo portal. This could be a problem.

This mission was received automatically upon completion of What Was Missed prior to 2017 August 16. A Whispering Tide is no longer available.

Tier 1

Objective: Wait for contact from your faction handler

After rescuing Emma from Lilith's clutches she revealed a fraction of her power. Lilith was forcibly ejected from Agartha through the Filth-infested Tokyo portal. The Filth seeps faster and faster into Agartha with every moment.

The black water begins to encroach upon the World Tree. The Filth is in Agartha to a degree never seen. Do what you must to protect Gaia as you wait for your Faction Handler to contact you on the situation.

This mission automatically completes upon logging in-game on or after 2017 August 16 and is superseded by The Venetian Agenda.

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