Tipping Point

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The Carpathian Fangs Received Automatically
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Mission Description

The events in Solomon Island, Egypt and Transylvania are beginning to converge. They are fallouts - to some extent - of a single corporate disaster. Orochi's role in all this can no longer be ignored.

This mission is received automatically by Illuminati characters upon completion of Mortal Sins. This mission is followed by What Was Missed.

Tier 1

Task Description

Your progress in Transylvania has been closely monitored. Your primary contact is now ready to debrief you, and begin making plans for the future. She's expecting you inside her office in the Labyrinth.

Objective: Return to Kirsten Geary for debriefing

The Illuminati are none too happy about recent events in Transylvania and the Orochi Group. Kirsten Geary needs to speak with you. Don't make her wait.

The way the world ends is when the Illuminati say it ends.

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