Dossier Rarity: Rare
Dossier Source:
Rare Regional Boss Chests; Additionally available as an Epic drop in Agent Boosters.
When acquired through Regional Chests, this Agent's Dossier can be sold for 1000 Anima Shards or traded or sold on the Auction House. When acquired through Agent Boosters, this Agent's Dossier can be sold to the Shadow Trafficker for 4 HexCoins but cannot be traded or sold on the Auction House.

"Subject is a powerful inter-dimensional entity, bound by Atenists millennia ago and forced to serve the schemes of their dark god, but later set free. Subject displays destructive pyrokinesis and inhuman knowledge. Amir hates humans, but he hates the Cult of Aten even more. Use that as leverage.

CAUTION: The last recruiter to approach Amir was immolated. The charred cadaver reportedly screamed for nine hours after clinical death. Audio autoposy records confirm. The medical examiner has since retired."

Agent Details

Gender Male (Presumed)
Profession Pyrotic Sultan
Species Fire Jinn
Age Immortal


△ Prowess

22 (Level 1)
◻ Adaptability 26 (Level 1)
❍ Ingenuity 20 (Level 1)



Fire Jinn Nobility

Amir's mighty power grants him increased Affinity on any mission he undertakes, however he will never share any Intel or Assets and he burns all Supplies to ash out of spite.



Amir is an eternal Jinn, and thus is less likely to become Incapacitated when completing any mission.

Agent Support Ability

Fiery Soul

Level 25 Passive Ability

+490 Attack Rating

Level 50 Passive Ability

+7% Elementalism Damage

Mission Report Dialogue

Complete Results

"Spare me the jabbering reproach of a talking monkey."

Successful Results

"It is done, ape."

Outstanding Results

"It is done, ape."

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