Francis Rowan

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Francis Rowan

Dossier Source: Occult Defence Scenario Reward Chests. Additionally available as a Rare drop in Agent Boosters: Druids of Avalon.
When acquired through occult defence scenarios, this Agent's Dossier can be sold for 1000 Anima Shards or traded or sold on the Auction House. When acquired through Agent Boosters, this Agent's Dossier can be sold to the Shadow Trafficker for 4 HexCoins but cannot be traded or sold on the Auction House.

"Francis takes after the saint of his namesake. From an early age, he showed a preternatural bond with animals. He has heightened that ability and connection with the natural world through training with the Druids of Avalon. He was recently inducted as a full member.

Subject appears serene, and indeed he is, but like nature, his moods can change fast. He is an ideal candidate for missions requiring survival in inhospitable lands."

Agent Details

Gender Male

Wild Child

Species Human
Age 22


△ Prowess

17 (Level 1); 247 (Level 50)
◻ Adaptability 19 (Level 1); 274 (Level 50)
❍ Ingenuity 17 (Level 1); 259 (Level 50)



One With Nature

Fancis' deep connection to nature allows him to commune with all of Gaia's creations, enhancing his Ingenuity and Adaptability.


Musky Aroma

Francis emits a musky odor that many people and creatures find subtly alluring, increasing the likelihood of getting Outstanding Results on missions which make use of Charisma traits.

Agent Support Ability

Green Thumb

Level 25 Passive Ability

+325 Attack Rating

Level 50 Passive Ability

+10% Damage Versus Filth

Mission Report Dialogue

Complete Results

“The birds told me this task was folly. I should have listened.”

Successful Results

“By earth, blood, and sky, it is done.”

Outstanding Results

“By earth, blood, and sky, it is done.”

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