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Temple Cat

Posted by Aeryl on May 8, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on May 8, 2016
Pet Temple Cat Epic
Do a google image search for "mummified cat". Now imagine digging up 300,000 of those. Yeah, the Egyptians were messed up. Source: Item Store for 20 Veteran Points, by pre-ordering TSW from Funcom, or from buying the Steam version of TSW. Pet Image
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  • Irian Riederer

    hello :) I’m a bit confused – a friend of mine got the templecat recently without using veteran points or updating an older account from 2012, the only thing she did was using a key she got from someone who bought the ultimate edition via steam. Her account is brandnew. And a few days ago she got the templcat in her object claim items.
    Now.. I also have a key from the ultimate edition from steam, but if I use it it only gives me the option to create a new account.
    I was asking funcom support how to unlock the templecat with the key I got, but they told me:
    “The templecat can currently only be obtained from either having an
    account from the preorder when it was available, or if it was purchased
    with Veteran Points in the item store.” …
    errr.. no? -.-
    What now? I want the cat, its so adorable :(
    But I don’t want to start over just because of a pet. :/