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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - initiate the chthonic signal - RECEIVE - initiate the swarm intelligence - THEY WERE NOT ALTOGETHER CROWS, NOR MOLES, NOR BUZZARDS, NOR ANTS, NOR VAMPIRE BATS, NOR DECOMPOSED HUMAN BEINGS - illumine the Local Legends of New England - WITNESS - The Ak'ab.

Ignore the dangling ones, sweetling. The twitching silken cocoons. The muffled moans. Is that a smartphone, vibrating and glowing beneath the sticky strands? Their story is over.


We detect a hive mind. Like our own! More prehistoric. They rhythmically flop, cold and pale things out of the nightmares of deep time. They were brought on ships bearing the mark of a hideous sun. Entombed in black vaults beneath tainted soil, sleeping among the twisted roots of sinister monoliths, they woke to the whisper of a song.

The Wabanaki pass verbal mythos, tongue to ear, of scuttling things. They cast grotesque shapes in their passed down recollections -- pallid monstrosities in the deepest caves, emerging only in times of great hunger or with the proper call. Stories of giant, bloodsucking insects. Unreliable sightings. Any unsolved disappearance or vanished pet became part of the legend. Misbehave to your parents, and they will come for you -- torn of wing, misshapen of body, and chittering. They move through shadows faster than the light can reach them.

Initiate folklore dissection… Focusing aperture…

What is time to us? We stand outside. The blasphemous grubs arrived in New England during the Darkness Wars, brought by those renegade Mayans who turned to the Ones Who Sleep. They took the insectoid horrors from the jungles of Guatemala, where they were birthed from malignant dreaming. The Mayans called them ak'ab, called them "darkness".

The Mayans brought these crawling soldiers to fight against their enemies. The Wabanaki had no answer to the malevolent swarm and were on the verge of defeat. Then came the Vikings. Then came Excalibur. The Wabanaki and their new allies defeated their eldritch enemies, sending the Mayans and ak'ab scattering.

Can a bug know humiliation? Oh yes, sweetling. The ak'ab nuzzled one another underground, healing their wounds, coming out only when hunger forced them. Cloaked in the forgetfulness of years, they became the folklore of the people who had personally fought them. Then came the call. Then came the song. The ak'ab answered ravenously.

And where else in the world do the ak'ab hide? They can lie dormant underground, like hellish cicadas, for centuries. They can flit between shadows, more stealthy than their proportions should allow. Stay alert, sweetling. You will know they are near by a sensation, like buzzing June bugs trapped under your eyelids.

Ak'ab #1 Details 420,950 The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast 420,950

By a stream.

Legend image

Ak'ab #2 Details Varies The Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain Varies

Drops from any of the various Ak'ab Brood Marks.

Ak'ab #3 Details 565,925 The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast 565,925

On top of a rocky arch. Easy to climb to.

Legend image

Ak'ab #4 Details 880,115 The Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain 880,115

Next to an ak'ab cocoon on Joanna's Trail.

Legend image

Ak'ab #5 Details 440,455 The Darkness War

The Darkness War 440,455

Drops from the Uncontrolled Ak'ab Queen in the forest where the various Xibalban Hounds are. To access this area, simply run backwards after taking the portal to the final boss's portion of the Darkness War.

Legend image

Ak'ab #6 Details 460,645 The Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain 460,645

Beside an ak'ab cocoon and a very infested tree.

Legend image

Ak'ab #7 Details 975,55 The Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain 975,55

In a small crevice south of the Franklin Mansion at Joanna's Trail.

Legend image

Ak'ab #8 Details Instanced The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast Instanced

In the early portion of the Lair of Darkness cave behind a bundle of stalagmites. Requires Mission: Ami Legend.

Legend image

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