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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - initiate the suture signal - RECEIVE - initiate the revivification process - IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE! - illumine the Reanimated - WITNESS - The Familiars.

We do not speak of the familiar spirits of witches and warlocks, but of the simulacrum of life created by certain occultists. The formula and spells come in endless variety and potency. Some familiars live for centuries, others know existence for only seconds.

Through a window of time, we spy the great alchemist Paracelsus penning notes detailing the creation of a homunculus -- the semen of a man who has been hanged to death is collected and baked into a mound of horse manure. The resulting creature will serve the magician who creates it.

This is only one recipe. Some ancient, some new. Some ingredients gory, others synthetic. The discovery of proteins, fibres and other materials actively involved in the process have been discovered and synthesised, making the creation of familiars considerably easier and quicker. Familiars are used by magicians the world over as servants and bodyguards. Other, stranger uses have been put to them. Pleasure companions, inhuman dance troupes, and fleshless carnivals have all been constructed.

Dimly intelligent but not sapient, familiars are useful creatures to have about. Often, they can be cheaply mass produced. They also learn, albeit very slowly, so that they can eventually be trusted with more and more complex tasks. Mages from every culture throughout human history have learnt how to make these creatures. While they aesthetically vary widely, as does the specifics of the rites to make them, familiars are basically the same creature everywhere: a kind of magic servitor, or, when made in a group, an egregore of gross matter.

Familiars who have survived for centuries often edge from simply well-trained to genuinely sapient. Often, they strain under their slavery or abominate their origins. Some go on to become monsters, filled with hate for themselves and their human masters. Rarer, but known, are those that wish only to live with human freedom and dignity. Oddly, familiars seem to have some in-built detestation of others of their kind. One magician's familiars, left alone, will attack another's. Other kinds of constructed life, such as scarecrows, seems to infuriate these apparently emotionless drones.

Familiars #1 Details 260,175 The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast 260,175

Behind a shed by some huddled Familiars next to the Innsmouth Academy Lacrosse field.

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Familiars #2 Details 255,270 The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast 255,270

Drops from the Corrective Familiars throughout the Innsmouth Academy grounds. They frequent in pairs, particularly within the Tennis Court.

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Familiars #3 Details 270,345 The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast 270,345

In front of a chalkboard in the Familiar Lab of Innsmouth Academy.

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Familiars #4 Details 130,25 City of the Sun God

City of the Sun God 130,25

On a cliff overlooking the Herald of Aten.

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Familiars #5 Details 275,365 The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast 275,365

In a corner of the rooftop of Innsmouth Academy, which can only be accessed during The Faculty. Requires Mission: The Faculty.

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Familiars #6 Details Instanced The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast Instanced

Behind some crates in the first room to the right after opening the Maintenance Door in the beginning of the Academy Basement. Requires Mission: Carter Unleashed.

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