Orochi Tech

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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - initiate the technocratic signal - RECEIVE - initiate the eight-headed call - THEY'LL FIX YOU…THEY FIX EVERYTHING - illumine the Orochi Group - WITNESS - Orochi Tech.

There is something familiar in the cadence of the electron flow… 


The Orochi Group. Decades ahead of other corporations in several lines of technology. At those sprinting speeds, they often trip and tumble and crash. They are trying to harness something that is both new and impossibly old. They are trying to harness something that does not fully belong here. Well…this here. It belonged in THAT here. Are we making sense, sweetling?

We see the great machines. They walk as avatars of a monolithic vision. We see the great mechs, all smiles and military-grade death. We see the high-tech tanks, Orochi's revolution in 21st century panzer divisions. We see the scorpion mech. The mad fancy of an executive with too much authority? Perhaps. But scorpions are one of the oldest terrestrial predators yet living. It is a time-tested design.    

We see the drones. A human element added to cold plastic and metal, each made in the mp3 player image of their creators. They express themselves through emoticon faces. But they were given an even more human touch. Organs, living and palpitating. Meat in the shell. A bio-tech shortcut. And some of those experiments included those who were anima imbued, a renewable source of organs and life, organs everlasting. But where to get a renegade Bee? They looked to the Hive. They looked to the secret prison where uncontrollable supernaturals are kept out of sight and light.    

There is more. Certain, elite mechs contain important data. When threatened, they forward that data to their masters before purging their own hard drives. If one were to disable the mech before the purge, they might find a treasure inside.    

Oh yes, there is something familiar in the cadence of the electron flow… 

We detect the pattern fragments of the technology of the Third Age. We detect the hands of Lilith and Samael. Their minds existed in the past Ages. But their memories are fallible. The earth's memory is fallible. The physics of the planet change slightly, with each flip of the Age, further and further from the original. Replicating the same results becomes more difficult. One cannot reliably enact the sciences of the First Age now. One might take echos of the Third and apply them. An artifact of the Third Age, if it survives whole, can be activated, but it cannot be duplicated or created from scratch. Orochi churns and churns to once again reach the strata of Third Age tech.    

Orochi Tech #1 Details Instanced Kaidan

Kaidan Instanced

In Zagan 2 of the Orochi Tower in an office at the very bottom of the western rooms (205,210). Requires Mission: Climbing Zagan

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Orochi Tech #2 Details Instanced Kaidan

Kaidan Instanced

In Faust 16 of the Orochi Tower next to the rotting corpse of a former Faust employee (230,275). Requires Mission: Climbing Faust

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Orochi Tech #3 Details 15,810 City of the Sun God

City of the Sun God 15,810

In a small FIlthy alcove in the southwest of the Orochi Camp. Many drones line the path. Be careful not to be sighted by them or they will toss you out.

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Orochi Tech #4 Details Instanced Kaidan

Kaidan Instanced

In a locked room on the second floor of the Hospital (245,240). Open the room by pressing a hidden button on the Bingo! cola machine (240,235). Scan may help! The button is very hard to click. Requires Mission: Wetware.

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Orochi Tech #5 Details 320,350 Kaidan

Kaidan 320,350

On top of one of the Orochi Tunnels. To get there, simply drop down from the bridge leading to the Harbor.

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Orochi Tech #6 Details 130,515 Kaidan

Kaidan 130,515

Drops from the Orochi Prototype Smiler Mark 1.1 in Manticore Plaza within 12 seconds of engagement. It will have the buff "Uploading Data" and must be killed before the timer on it reaches 0.

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