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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT - initiate the Dawn signal - RECEIVE - initiate dream frequency - BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED - initiate the sentinel syntax - IMPROVE MEMORY AND FOCUS THE SAFE AND NATURAL WAY - initiate the Kingsmouth Prerogative - WITNESS - The Wabanaki.

Listen, sweetling. The silent scream. The deafening silence. Something rots in Kingsmouth. Something groans in the Blue Ridge Mine. An evil fog creeps. The earth screams, "Remember, People of the Dawn! Remember!"

Indifference and generations of fast food choke the old wisdom, and remembering is difficult. To remember from the communal pools is like grasping dreams - like pulling away the fog with bare hands.

The putrescent vapour dampens our sight. The secret histories blur. What is time to us? We stand outside. Everything has happened. Everything is happening. Initiate temporal echo location. SHRIEK!

The Wabanaki - of the Algonquians - the confederacy of five tribes: the Abenaki, Penobscot, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy, and the Mi'kmaq - native people of the Dawn Land: New England, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

The Europeans come. The Wabanaki fight many bloody wars to defend their land, but the Old World is a disease the New World has no antibodies for. The Great Dying. "Ruin!" croak the ravens, and pestilence spices their food. The Confederacy crumbles in the year of the affixed god 1862, but the Wabanaki name lives on. Names are living things.

The earth remembers the People of the Dawn. In Solomon county, in Kingsmouth, the land knows the Wabanaki's touch going back thousands of seasonal iterations. The memory of the people fades - your meat minds have expiration dates. Few remember the responsibility of the Kingsmouth Wabanaki.

We remember, sweetling. We stand outside of time. We gather the bad memory waves trapped in the dreamcatchers, sweeter than pollen. A thousand years ago, and a thousand years before that, the Wabanaki shamans dance the containment dance. They know their holy land is a resting place for something sinister, imprisoned there since the Before. They know it will destroy the world.

"The Darkness War!" screech the dreamcatchers. The medicine men, the dream dancers, conjure wards with doodlebug spirals in the shuddering earth. The cyclopean malevolence must be kept dreaming. The sleeper must never wake.

Norsemen arrive, in their long boats, and bring an artifact to the Wabanaki. Its transcendent vibrations amplify the wards, make them sing. It becomes the only key that can open the door. The Vikings take it back with them, across the ocean.

The secrets of ward maintenance are passed down the generations. But entropy eats dedication when flavoured with time. Indifference pushes the People of the Dawn apart. Indifference and something else... Skulduggery, sweetling! A malefactor! We detect an outside influence.

The Blue Ridge Mine echoes with a gunshot from 1971 - a foreman killing a shaman. Members of the tribe are jailed when mine workers catch a case of murder. "Innocent," proclaims the court, and the tribesmen are released and given a large piece of land as settlement.

There is no greater lubricant to argument than wealth. A large amount of money is offered for the land in 2005. The tribe argues. Some wish to sell and finance a casino. Some remember, faintly remember, something important, like a yarn noose choking a finger. What was it? They know they must keep the hill.

The land is sold. The tribe splits in two. An unreasonable anger gnaws their hearts and widens the divide.

Initiate the now.

The Dark Days.

The current dream dancer remembers. She knows the corpse of the ward is the only thing that keeps the fog surrounding Kingsmouth at bay. She cannot maintain the ancient power alone. The others must remember. Differences must be sloughed off. The Hound of the Nameless Days yawns. The earth must be tickled before it feels scorned.

If it is not already too late. It probably is.

We'll be seeing you, secret worlder. In time.

Wabanaki #1 Details 160,860 The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast 160,860

In front of the tipi by Red's Bait and Tackle.

Legend image

Wabanaki #2 Details 130,840 The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast 130,840

Under the docks at Tolba Bay.

Legend image

Wabanaki #3 Details 190,915 The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast 190,915

In a crevice along the rocks northeast of Red's Bait and Tackle.

Legend image

Wabanaki #4 Details 295,1020 The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast 295,1020

In the Cave of the Sleeping One on the edge of Hunter's Hike. Enter from 270,990, but beware the Sleeping one!

Legend image

Wabanaki #5 Details 365,945 The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast 365,945

On a rocky outcrop in the Black Goat Woods.

Legend image

Wabanaki #6 Details Instanced The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast Instanced

Sequestered atop a ramp formed of stalagmites along the watery path close to the cavern containing the Ak'ab nest within the Lair of Darkness. Requires Mission: Ami Legend

Legend image

Wabanaki #7 Details 185,630 The Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain 185,630

On top of the campfire near Old Joe where a sleeping bag to the dreams of the Darkness War await in the Wabanaki Trailer Park.

Legend image

Wabanaki #8 Details 255,385 The Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain 255,385

In the water of Azkeban Span trickling from the Ash Forest.

Legend image

Wabanaki #9 Details 325,370 The Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain 325,370

In the Ash Forest just north of the Abandoned Asylum.

Legend image

Wabanaki #10 Details 840,295 The Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain 840,295

On a desk in the living room of the Franklin Mansion.

Legend image

Wabanaki #11 Details 325,855 The Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain 325,855

On the end of a girder hanging from a crane on the roof of the Golden Wigwam construction site (Lair: The Casino Pits). The easiest way to reach it is to go around the entrance to the Casino Pits and jump from a ledge surrounded by zombies (312,855,148) to the nearby Casino (309,850,149). Then run up the stairs (350,810,150) until you reach the roof. Be wary, as this will put you in close proximity to Lair-difficulty mobs.

Legend image

Wabanaki #12 Details 200,740 The Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain 200,740

On a grave in the Wabanaki graveyard.

Legend image

Wabanaki #13 Details 630,640 The Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain 630,640

By the Sobhoban Stone at the Wabanaki Holy Site.

Legend image

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