Extra-Dimensional Furry Friends

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The Carpathian Fangs Convenient Box (The Kyastle)

Extra-Dimensional Furry Friends is on an 18 hour cooldown timer once attempted, regardless of whether you succeed or fail. Patronage status does not affect the cooldown period.

This mission requires use of the Kyat Key Card in order to enter The Kyastle. The Kyat Key Card is acquired from killing the Crazy Kyat Lady special guest within the Rosenbrawl.

The Kyastle is only accessible by using the Kyat Key Card item at a hatch in a corner of the storage room containing the Golden keycard (415,1000) within Dracula's Castle as used in The Castle. The hatch can be hard to spot!

The Castle
It is necessary to be at least up to Tier 4 within The Castle mission in order to find the hatch (415,1000) on the ground floor.

This mission awards A Glaring of Kyats pet for a First Time Completion Reward.

Tier 1

Objective: Pick up the box

Take the conveniently placed box in front of you. Be aware that doing so will begin a 4 minute timer and the next objective, so only pick up the box when absolutely ready to begin.

Objective: Collect Kyats

The pocket dimension is losing stability! You only have a few minutes to rescue all the Kyats!

Collect all 50 Kyats left abandoned throughout the Kyastle zone within 4 minutes. To do so, interact with them. These kyats can be difficult to find. Some wander, while others stay put. It's like herding cats!

The Kyat Rescuer
Successfully collecting 50 Kyats will reward the Eternal Echo The Kyat Rescuer in the Mysterious Happenings category.

If you do not collect all 50 within the period of time given, the mission will fail. It cannot be attempted again for 18 hours regardless of patronage status or whether or not you successfully collected the Kyats.

When you either successfully collect 50 of the 55 existing kyats or reach the end of the timer, you will be teleported out of The Kyastle. Gaia saves her bees from the collapsing pocket dimensions!

The Kyats can be found in a variety of places one might expect a cat to be lurking.

It can help to become more familiar with Kyat locations by exploring The Kyastle prior to picking up the Convenient Box and triggering the collection timer.

Enabling Vicinity NPC Nametags can make most Kyats more visible if you are having trouble finding them.

Floor 1

All Kyat locations for the first floor of the Kyastle are shown below. Patrols and stationary kyats are both included:

Floor 2

All Kyat locations for the second floor of the Kyastle are shown below. Patrols and stationary kyats are both included:

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