A Glaring of Kyats

A Glaring of Kyats

Quality: Epic
Source: The solution has been found! Rejoice, sweetlings! Successfully complete the mission Extra-Dimensional Furry Friends to receive A Glaring of Kyats as a First-Time Completion Reward.

To get the mission, you must first acquire the Kyat Key Card by killing the "Crazy Kyat Lady" special guest in the Rosenbrawl and then use it within the Dracula's Castle instance used in The Castle mission at a hatch (415,1000) on the ground floor in a storage room by the final keycard. This allows you to go to the special zone, The Kyastle, where Extra-Dimensional Furry Friends awaits at a Convenient Box.

A Glaring of Kyats summons a total of 6 random Kyats on the ground for 15 seconds when used.
This Pet cannot be traded or sold on the Auction House.

Release several of the Kyats you rescued. They are fickle creatures and will only stay with you for a short time. 5 minute cooldown.

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