A City Born in Blood

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City of the Sun God Ptahmose (345,95)
6 600 750

Description: The City of the Sun God was supposed to remain buried forever, kept hidden from the world by Ptahmose and his children, the Sentinels. As cultists, demons and ghouls rip through the valley, Ptahmose fears that they will not be able to contain the evil and that it will spread beyond the valley. Beyond Egypt.

Tier 1

Description: Ptahmose laments his failure to protect the valley and his children. They will need help to defeat the evil currently swarming through the valley. Carrion-eating ghouls are gathering in the ruins as they feast on the blood sacrificed on Aten's altars.

Objective: Clear the ruins of ghouls

Kill 9 of any of the Ghoul Scavengers and Ghoul Subjugators in the nearby ruins of Ain Al-Shams (420,120).

Tier 2

Description: The ghouls have captured Marya soldiers and forced them to do the dark bidding of their masters. Free them from this gruesome fate.

Objective: Free Marya captives

Free 12 Captive Marya farther in ruins of Ain Al-Shams (475,155) by talking to them to let them know that they're free. Ghoul Subjugators watch over many of the Captive Marya.

Tier 3

Description: The Marya soldiers are free and ready to once again help the Sentinels contain the rise of the Black Pharaoh. Make sure they escape the ruins safely.

Objective: Follow the captives

Head in the direction of the escaping Marya Captives (525,175) as they leave Ain Al-Shams.

Objective: Free a Bound Spirit of the Desert

Rune-inscribed shackles bind the left and right arms of the Spirit of the Desert. Each destructible shackle has 1000 HP and is marked by brackets. Destroy both right and left Rune-inscribed shackles to free a Bound Spirit of the Desert.

Visual Bug Warning: The first Bound Spirit of the Desert (535,170) oftentimes appears unshackled despite the presence of intact Rune-inscribed schakles. Against all appearances, this golem is bound.

The Spirit of the Desert marches ahead to put a stop to those that bound it.

Tier 4

Description: Freeing the golem has given you an ally against the ghouls. If you free more of them, they might wreak enough havoc to make a resurgence impossible.

Objective: Help the golems kill ghouls

Kill 12 of the Ghouls within Pertition (600,55) where the Spirit of the Desert has headed. More Bound Spirits of the Desert can be freed to hasten the ghoulish murder. The golems will attack any Ghoul Thug or Ghoul Magus they see as they advance through Perdition.

Actively aid the golems by attacking their targets or kill the ghouls by yourself. You could also let the golems kill the ghouls by themselves, but it would be very mean to do so.

As long as you have contributed to the deaths of 12 Ghouls in the area, you will have helped the golems.

Tier 5

Description: With the ghoul encampment brutally decimated, you should look for the leader of their kind. Ghouls are rarely found far from their master, and whatever that master is, it must be found and destroyed.

Objective: Find the ghouls' master

At the top of Perdition is a Jinn: Str'ia the Enslaver (640,130). The Enslaver is surrounded by obelisks, Bound Spirits of the Desert, a Ghoulish entourage, and an ominous orb that functions as a shield stabiliser.

Objective: Vanquish Str'ia the Enslaver

Defeat Str'ia the Enslaver with or without help from any Spirits of the Desert.

Str'ia the Enslaver benefits from Body Stasis and is therefore immune to Weakening effects such as Corrupted, Debilitated, and Exposed. In addition Str'ia the Enslaver, like many Jinn, is a Towering Inferno and receives stacks of Towering Inferno on each successful critical hit. Upon reaching five stacks, all of Str'ia the Enslaver's cooldowns are reset.

Any Spirit of the Desert you freed will help vanquish the Enslaver, provided the golems aren't otherwise engaged with ghouls.

Spirits of the Desert disperse into a cyclone of sand when their work is done.

Funera Pyre
There are Burning Embers (630,140) resting on the edge of the cliff where Str'ia the Enslaver once presided. The Burning Embers give the Side Mission "Funeral Pyre".

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