A New Contender

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The Rosenbrawl Mr Rosenbaum's Proxy (150,320)
6 500

This mission is only available to players who have completed The Rosenbrawl, Martial Combat, and A Pugilistic Welcome.

This mission cannot be immediately repeated as it has a week long cooldown. It gives the player a once-per-mission invite to the Rosenbrawl to be granted to another player.

Tier 1

Objective: Use Mr Rosenbaum's phone when targeting another player to invite them to the Rosenbrawl

Use Mr Rosenbaum's Phone from within your Mission Inventory while targeting the desired player in order to invite that person to the Rosenbrawl.

After a period time following your use of Mr Rosenbaum's Phone, the chosen player will receive an SMS from Mr Rosenbaum which grants them access to the mission The Rosenbrawl.

Completing this mission rewards 2 Rosenbaum's Reward.

Completing A New Contender and inviting an other player to the Rosenbrawl will grant the Rule-Breaker achievement.

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