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The Broadcast

Posted by Vikestart on October 30, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on February 1, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
New York Laundromat Entrance (365,385) XP598 410 PAX30 000
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Tier 1

Objective: Find Dave Screed’s shortwave radio

The area is marked on the map. It’s near the entrance to the sewers. Check the containers.


Objective: Read the Letters

Interact with the letters in the trash container. It has multiple pages. Click the arrows to switch to the previous or next page. It’s a good read!


Tier 2

Objective: Seek a shortwave radio in places related to death

There is one radio in each playfield zone:

Kingsmouth – behind the church (245,480)
Savage Coast – inside the Black House (440,765)
Blue Mountain – in a grave in the Wabanaki graveyard (205,735)
Scorched Desert – the crashed plane (640,1045)
City of the Sun God – at the entrance of the Black Pyramid (750,455)
Besieged Farmlands – in the graveyard area near the church (855,1270)
Shadowy Forest – next to a crypt in the graveyard (840,605)
Carpathian Fangs – in the Roman Baths (640,355)
Kaidan – in the graveyard (835,620)

Which one of them you go to doesn’t matter. The first place that I thought about was the graveyard in Kingsmouth, behind the Church (245,480). Interact with the radio. Two ghosts will spawn, kill them.


Objective: Check the frequency of the broadcast

Interact with the radio once again now that the haunting has been dealt with. Take note of the frequency shown below the radio image. You’ll also get a buff with that frequency. This is important for a later part of the mission.


Objective: Seek a second radio in places related to death

Again, it doesn’t matter which radio you pay a visit to, except that you can’t use the same radio over again, you have to find a new one, obviously. Refer to the list above again.

I chose to go to the next zone in line, which is Savage Coast. The radio there can be found in the Black House (of death!) at around (440,765). Enter the house from the back, as the front door is blocked by an unseen force.


You should be able to hear the broadcasting of the radio now. It’s in the room slightly to the right on the ground floor. Be careful moving around too much as you can take a lot of damage from the hauntings in this house, and possibly die. Interact with the radio again.


Objective: Check the frequency of the broadcast

Once the ghosts living inside the radio have been dealt with, use the radio once more.

Objective: Seek a third radio in places related to death

Again, you can choose any radio from any of the zones except the ones already used. Refer to the list above. I chose to go to….. The Blue Mountain. The radio there is at (205,735). Once there, interact with the radio.


Objective: Check the frequency of the broadcast

Use the radio again to get the frequency number.

Tier 3

Objective: Examine the message from Dave Screed

Click on the messages icon in the lower right corner to listen to the voice mail.

Objective: Go to the laundromat

That means heading back to New York, by any means. Head for the laundromat.


Objective: Use Dave Screed’s computer to find broadcast location

This is the biggest investigation part of this mission. You’ll find a hint below, then the solution after that.

If you input the frequencies, you should notice that a certain broadcaster name keeps showing up at all of the frequencies.
Input “The Lonely Patriot” instead of a frequency. It’s the name of the broadcaster that is broadcasting to all frequencies. This will progress the mission.

Tier 4

Objective: Travel to the Besieged Farmlands

You can go there yourself, or check the #event channel for “taxi” meetups.

Objective: Find the broadcast location

The area is marked on the map. Go to the observatory. Nearly at the top, there’s an entrace to a place called The Lonely Patriot.


Tier 5

Objective: Find the source of the broadcast

Enter “The Lonely Patriot” to continue.


Once inside, just move forward. A ghastly creature will fly past you, don’t worry, it’s not going to attack you. Afterwards, the door up ahead will open. Follow the creature you see in the corridor.


When you get to the next closed door, just use the lever to open it.


Next up is one of my favourite parts. Enjoy the scare!


Samhain 2014 #10 can be found in the next corridor, near the green toxic exploding barrels (view screenshot).

Objective: Defeat the Presenter

Eventually, you’ll get to the creature called “The Presenter”, wihch you must defeat.

Be careful using AoEs and long-distance attacks as there is an achievement, Kill the Radio Star, that requires you to not destroy the radio receives nearby. However, if you’re having a hard time getting through this fight, you may destroy the radio receivers to prevent them from spawning lots of adds. It’s up to you.


Just for reference, so you know where to look for radio receivers, there is one outlined in the image below. Avoid damaging them.


Objective: Access the Presenter’s computer

The computer is found in one of the rooms. Just interact with it and input 1.


Objective: Examine the message from Dave Screed

Just listen to his voice mail. You can make your way back out of this place while listening.

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  • Ultra7

    Scorched Dessert at the crash plane – 643 1045

    • Vikestart

      Thanks :) I’ve added the rest of the locations as well!

      • Ultra7

        awesome! just found black pyramid too :)

  • Madj

    How I can enter to Kaidan? I have issue9, but don’t finish story quest

    • Vikestart

      You cannot. You must advance the story to get to Kaidan, there is no other way, sorry..

    • Meow33

      If it’s Christmas you can cheat by using the Krampus portals.

  • Tannim78

    How do you Defeat the Presenter? He keeps kicking my butt….lol

    • Vikestart

      If you’re struggling, you can destroy the radio receivers in each of the 4 rooms. They will spawn lots of adds unless they are destroyed, however, if you destroy them, you’ll lose your chance at one of the achievements.

  • Einkil Balderk

    The ghosts are not living in the radio, they are actually listening in the death dimension. If you go to a radio in anima form (dead), you can see them listening, the exact same ones that attack you when you attempt to disturb their good time by interacting with the radio.

    • Pduplechain

      how do i listen to the voicemail from Dave?

  • Colanzo

    I am still on Tier 2 of this Mission but the radios seem to be missing from the locations mentioned. Has this mission been removed from the game?

    • DeadbeatMind

      It is a seasonal mission, only available during the halloween event.

      • Colanzo

        That would explain it, picked it up ages ago in Kingsmouth and kept it there hoping to find another radio as I progressed but never came across one, finally looked at database but unlike The Meowling it isn’t obvious it was a Halloween only quest. Only six months to wait then I can finish it. Many thanks for the response.

  • nassayan

    I’m stuck on tier 3! I should have the message from Dave, but I never receive it. :(