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18 October 2017 31 October 2017

General Information

Samhain is the largest seasonal event in Secret World Legends. Each year sees new content and cosmetics to enjoy. The frightening festivities of Samhain are the spirit of the season.

Currently Samhain consists of The Cat God mission chain and Jack of the Lantern open raid boss. More content is coming as Secret World Legends re-releases and revamps missions from The Secret World. All cosmetics available through the years of The Secret World's Samhain event bags are available during Samhain 2017 in Secret World Legends.

The veil between worlds is weak during Samhain. Strange spirits take their chances. Cats cry out, scratching and hissing and yowling in terror as something goes horribly wrong.

Be prepared. Samhain is here.

Seasonal Stickers

All cosmetic items acquired during a seasonal event have their entries marked in the Dressing Room, Pet Window, and Sprint Window with a special seasonal sticker that signifies that an item or items is acquired through the event. These icons are seasonally appropriate in shape. Seasonally acquired cosmetics are bumped to the top of their UI lists during the event for greater visibility.

For Samhain, the icon is a very angry Jack-o-Lantern. If ever unsure what cosmetics are exclusive for Samhain, just look to the Great Pumpkin.

Daily Login Rewards

Each new day during Samhain brings with it a unique seasonal Daily Login Reward available regardless of patronage. Claimable once per account, these rewards are in addition to the normal Daily Login Rewards. There are a set number of rewards and missing a day won't result in missing the reward for that day. There are 10 distinct seasonal login rewards for Samhain, but items are awarded for the entirety of the Samhain event.

To start the spooky season, the first Samhain Daily Login reward is the Geist Rider sprint!

Samhain Daily Login Rewards

The following items are rewarded throughout Samhain:

  • Day 1 - Geist Rider and Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern
  • Day 2 - 5,000 Anima Shards and Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern
  • Day 3 - Purified Talisman Distillate (1,600cc) and Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern
  • Day 4 - Purified Weapon Distillate (1,600cc) and Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern
  • Day 5 - 25 Ability Points and Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern
  • Day 6 - Tattie Bogle and Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern
  • Day 7 - 30 Skill Points and Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern
  • Day 8 - 7,500 Anima Shards and Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern
  • Day 9 - Purified Weapon Distillate (2,000cc) and Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern
  • Day 10 - Talisman Anima Imbuer and Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern
  • Day 11 - Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern
  • Day 12 - Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern
  • Day 13 - Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern
  • Day 14 - Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern

The Cat God

The first of the Samhain events to be introduced is the Cat God. Featuring an Investigation Mission and Action Mission, the Cat God is an involved mission chain spanning the Solomon Islands. Both The Meowling and The Cat God missions are repeatable throughout the duration of Samhain.

The Meowling

Something has spooked cats everywhere. The frazzled felines have caused quite a ruckus in the process. Madame Rogêt is quite desperate to ease their hushed hisses.

The Meowling can be acquired upon accepting a call from Madame Rogêt received after logging in during Samhain, by picking up a breadcrumb from the Paragon Activity Board in Agartha leading to Madame Rogêt, or by going to Madame Rogêt herself in Kingsmouth Town.

The Meowling requires that a player be at least Level 30 and have unlocked the Blue Mountain through Dawning of an Endless Night to receive this mission.

The Meowling
An up-to-date guide for The Meowling is available! This walkthrough accounts for all changes to the mission for SWL.

WARNING: The Meowling has changed extensively from its The Secret World incarnation. If in need of a guide for this mission, please be sure use an up-to-date guide. Using a guide pertaining to the TSW version of The Meowling will not help for later tiers of the SWL version of The Meowling.

The Cat God

Following The Meowling is The Cat God, an action mission that takes place in the Memory of Stonehenge mini-dungeon instance. The Cat God can be completed solo and utilizes the Equal Footing buff to allow players of many varied levels to complete the mission.

The Cat God
The revamped guide for The Cat God is coming soon!

Completing the Cat God mission chain ultimately rewards multiple feline friends.

Jack of the Lantern

Agartha has been invaded by Jack! The Immaculate Machine has quarantined the frightful fiend, but bees are needed to clean.

Jack of the Lantern is a 40-player Open Raid accessible in Agartha. Every 00:02 minutes past the hour, the portal to the Forgotten Pumpkin Patch becomes active for 10 minutes. While bosses inside may last after that period of time, no more may enter to face Jack once those 10 minutes have passed. The portal to the Forgotten Pumpkin Patch can be found between the Agartha Pad to the Training Grounds and the Transylvania region just outside of the Hollowed Halls (550,250). Players within the Forgotten Pumpkin Patch are buffed with Equal Footing so that their stats are scaled evenly regardless of their level.

Defeating Jack of the Lantern gives the buff Anima Surge, which allows a player to open a Mysterious Jack-o-Lantern within 10 minutes.

There are no level requirements necessary to enter and face Jack. A player only needs to have met Jack Boone in Kingsmouth Town to participate.

Running into the portal while inactive will cause a popup to appear displaying the time remaining until it next opens.

The Ghost of Jack-o-Lantern
The up-to-date guide for The Ghost of Jack-o-Lantern is now available!

Mysterious Jack-O-Lanterns

During Samhain, Mysterious Jack-O-Lanterns can be claimed alongside seasonal Samhain Daily Login Rewards. These spooky squash can only be opened while affected by the Anima Surge buff acquired from defeating Jack of the Lantern in Agartha. This grinning gourd contains cosmetics galore - clothing, pets, titles, and even a sprint! Is it too spooky for you?

Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern Rewards

The Mysterious Jack-O-Lanterns bestow their gifts upon a person in a specific order. The first Lantern opened will always have the same items unless all items being rewarded are already owned, as may be the case if a character has Legacy cosmetics from TSW. If all items of a Lantern tier are already owned, the following Lantern's rewards will be given until there are no new rewards. Any Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern opened when all cosmetic rewards are owned by the character opening them will instead reward Anima Shards.

Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern Reward List

  • Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern 1 - Netherworldly Dress
  • Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern 2 - Inmate shirt, black and white and Inmate pants, black and white
  • Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern 3 - Nightmarish ragged sweater, striped and Clawed leather gloves, black
  • Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern 4 - Corvus Garb - Leather pants, black, Corvus Garb - Leather wristwraps, black and Title: SpoOOooOOooky
  • Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern 5 - Spectral Hound
  • Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern 6 - Corvus Garb – Moleskin shirt, black and Corvus Garb - Unlaced leather boots, black
  • Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern 7 - Ragged robe, black, Shriek mask, and Title: Trick or Treat
  • Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern 8 - Skeletal Formalwear – Ragged coat, grey, Skeletal Formalwear – Shirt and bowtie, white, and Skeletal Formalwear – Striped slacks, grey
  • Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern 9 - Cultist robes, red and black and Title: Incognito
  • Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern 10 - Reanimated Steed
  • Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern 11 - 2,000 Anima Shards
  • Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern 12 - 2,000 Anima Shards
  • Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern 13 - 2,000 Anima Shards
  • Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern 14 - 2,000 Anima Shards

Clothing Rewards

The Samhain event has a variety of clothing pieces to earn. These can be previewed in the Dressing Room and can be easily found thanks to the orange pumpkin icon denoting a Samhain seasonal item.

Baron/Baroness Samedi Top Hat

The Baron/Baroness Samedi Top Hat is awarded from the achievement, "Tails from the Crypt" for completing the seasonal mission The Cat God.

Samedi Outfit

The Samedi Outfit is awarded from the achievement, "Hop-tu-naa, Trol-la-laa" for completing all Samhain 2017 achievements. It consists of multiple parts.

Baron/Baroness Samedi Coat

Baron/Baroness Samedi Waistcoat

Baron/Baroness Samedi Pants

Baron/Baroness Samedi Shoes

Pumpkinhead, bloody

Pumpkinhead, bloody is awarded fromt he achievement, "Squishy Orange Gourd Guts" for defeating Jack of the Lantern in the Forgotten Pumpkin Patch in Agartha.

Pet Rewards

A multitude of pets are available during Samhain through a variety of methods.

Sterling Wildcat

The shimmering Sterling Wildcat is rewarded upon completion of The Meowling.


The enigmatic Nermegal is rewarded upon completion of The Cat God. Nermegal periodically vanishes through portals of its own making. Sometimes, if one is particularly observant, they can spot Nermegal chasing a miniature Orochi soldier through a portal.

Amethyst Mouser

This crystal cat drops from Irusan in The Cat God's Memory of Stonehenge. It is not a guaranteed drop.

Citrine Mouser

The colorful Citrine Mouser is a random drop from Irusan in The Cat God's Memory of Stonehenge. It is not a guaranteed drop.

Garnet Mouser

This cat is made of love. The Garnet Mouser is a random drop from Irusan in The Cat God's Memory of Stonehenge. It is not a guaranteed drop.

Jade Mouser

The jaunty Jade Mouser is an extremely rare random drop from Irusan in The Cat God's Memory of Stonehenge. It is not a guaranteed drop. The Jade Mouser previously had only been available in 2012, but as of 2017, it is once more obtainable.

Lapis Mouser

The lovely Lapis Mouser is a random drop from Irusan in The Cat God's Memory of Stonehenge. It is not a guaranteed drop.

Sanguine Kitty

The beautifully bloody Sanguine Kitty is random drop from Irusan in The Cat God's Memory of Stonehenge. It is not a guaranteed drop.

Bloody Wolf

The beastly Bloody Wolf is a random drop from the Item Reward Bag given for completing The Ghost of Jack-o-Lantern.

Spectral Hound

This spirited Spectral Hound is no zero! It is a reward from Mysterious Jack-O-Lanterns during Samhain.

Synthetic Pseudanthium

The Synthetic Pseudanthium is a very hungry plant that randomly drops from the Item Reward Bag given for completing The Ghost of Jack-o-Lantern. Feed it.

Tattie Bogle

This sweetie of a scarecrow is Day 6 of the Samhain Daily Login Rewards.

Sprint Rewards

Sprints in the spirit of Samhain are available for playing throughout the event.

Geist Rider

The ghastly Geist Rider is the first Samhain Login Reward and is available to all who log in and claim their rewards at least once during the event. The Geist Rider spews fire from its mouth.

In game picture incoming! In the mean time, enjoy Funcom's promotional image!

Reanimated Steed

Brought back to life through necromancy, this eternal equine is the final reward from Mysterious Jack-o-Lanterns.

Limited-Time Seasonal Purchases

Some items are only available for purchase from the Item Store during the Samhain event. These seasonal items can be purchased using the Dressing Room and Pet/Sprint UIs. They cannot be acquired otherwise or at any time outside of the Samhain event window.


Feline Wratih

The phantasmal Feline Wraith, an ectoplasmic entity of endless fun, can be purchased from the Pet Window for 700 Aurum. It hovers just slightly above the ground.


Pale Horse

The Rider cometh and does so on a pale horse. The steed of the apocalypse can be purchased from the Sprint Window for 1 500 Aurum.


Baron/Baroness Samedi Hat

The Baron/Baroness Samedi Hats all share the same category and model as the Baron/Baroness Samedi Top Hat.

  • Baron Samedi Hat, black - 15 000 Marks of Favour
  • Baron Samedi Hat, faction colored - 450 Aurum
  • Baron Samedi Hat, pink - 450 Aurum
  • Baron Samedi Hat, red - 450 Aurum
  • Baron Samedi Hat, white - 450 Aurum

Corbie topper

This craven cap periodically emits a plume of shadowy ravens.

  • Corbie topper, black - 1 125 Aurum

Crooked Wizard/Witches Hat

Iconic to a wide variety of spellcasters, this hat is perfect for the aspiring wizard or witch! Samhain-exclusive colors are 450 Aurum each.

  • Crooked Wizard/Witches hat, black - 450 Aurum
  • Crooked wizard/witches hat, brown - 450 Aurum

Hexed Pumpkinhead

A combination of a pumpkin head and crooked wizard cap, Hexed Pumpkinheads manage to be two hats in one. There are both seasonal and non-seasonal varieties of Hexed Pumpkinhead. The Samhain exclusives cost 450 Aurum each. Don a hat on a hat!

  • Hexed Pumpkinhead, black - 450 Aurum
  • Hexed Pumpkinhead, brown - 450 Aurum
  • Hexed Pumpkinhead, yellow - 450 Aurum

Pumpkin head

While most 'pumpk head' cosmetics share similar names within the Dressing Room, each one is visually distinct. This particular pumpkin head can be distinguished by its glowing eyes and mouth. In The Secret World, this version of Pumpkin head, orange was known as the Head-O-Lantern. It also happens to be the only Pumpkin Head available for purchase through the Dressing Room, going for 10 000 Marks of Favour.

  • Pumpkin head, orange - 10 000 Marks of Favour

Spooky Skull Mask

Be the skeleton.

  • Spooky skull mask, white - 450 Aurum

Head Accessory

Fuzzy halo headband

These plush halos can be mounted on your head for 300 Aurum per piece.

  • Fuzzy halo headband, blue - 300 Aurum
  • Fuzzy halo headband, green - 300 Aurum
  • Fuzzy halo headband, pink - 300 Aurum
  • Fuzzy halo headband, red - 300 Aurum
  • Fuzzy halo headband, white - 300 Aurum
  • Fuzzy halo headband, yellow - 300 Aurum

Lil' devil headband

Show your inner sinner with these felt devil horns.

  • Lil' devil headband, black - 300 Aurum
  • Lil' devil headband, blue - 300 Aurum
  • Lil' devil headband, green - 300 Aurum
  • Lil' devil headband, red - 300 Aurum


Vampire Bite

The Vampire Bite gives the appearance of having been bitten by a vampire! It periodically gushes spurts of blood from the bite wound.

  • Vampire bite, dark red - 300 Aurum


Angelic costume wings

Wings! Small, feathery angel wings are available in a plethora of feather colors for 600 Aurum each.

  • Angelic costume wings, black - 600 Aurum
  • Angelic costume wings, blue - 600 Aurm
  • Angelic costume wings, brown - 600 Aurm
  • Angelic costume wings, green - 600 Aurm
  • Angelic costume wings, grey - 600 Aurm
  • Angelic costume wings, pink - 600 Aurm
  • Angelic costume wings, purple - 600 Aurm
  • Angelic costume wings, red - 600 Aurm
  • Angelic costume wings, white - 600 Aurm
  • Angelic costume wings, yellow - 600 Aurm

Costume devil wings

These devilish additions come in a variety of colors for 600 Aurum each. Most are entirely new to Secret World Legends!

  • Costume devil wings, black and blue - 600 Aurum
  • Costume devil wings, black and green - 600 Aurum
  • Costume devil wings, black and grey - 600 Aurum
  • Costume devil wings, black and purple - 600 Aurum
  • Costume devil wings, black and red - 600 Aurum

Baron/Baroness Samedi Coat

The Baron/Baroness Samedi Set would not be complete without its iconic coat - now in black and your faction's color.

  • Baron/Baroness Samedi Coat, black - 20 000 Marks of Favour
  • Baron/Baroness Samedi Coat, faction colored - 600 Aurum


Baron/Baroness Samedi Waistcoat

This shirt and vest combination comes in black as well as your faction's color.

  • Baron/Baroness Samedi Waistcoat, black - 20 000 Marks of Favour
  • Baron/Baroness Samedi Waistcoat, faction colored - 600 Aurum


Costume skeleton gloves

Show off dem bones with costume skeleton gloves for 150 Aurum each.

  • Costume skeleton gloves, black - 150 Aurum
  • Costume skeleton gloves, white - 150 Aurum


Baron/Baroness Samedi Pants

Pants for the aspiring Baron or Baroness Samedi in black and faction color varients.

  • Baron/Baroness Samedi Pants, black - 15 000 Marks of Favour
  • Baron/Baroness Samedi Pants, faction colored - 450 Aurum


Baron/Baroness Samedi Shoes

Complete the Samedi set with a second color of Samedi Shoes!

  • Baron/Baroness Samedi Shoes, faction colored - 300 Aurum


Regal Habit/The Last Duchess

No Halloween is complete without dressing as royalty. Male characters can be a prince with Regal Habit while female characters can be a princess with The Last Duchess.

  • Regal Habit/The Last Duchess - 2 400 Aurum


Ninjas are always appropriate. The male equivalent of this uniform set is the Shinobi, while the female version is the Assassinatrix.

  • Shinobi/Assassinatrix - 2 400 Aurum

Clothing Sets

The Unkindness

This fabulous feathered set may not be fashion murder, but it certainly is a conspiracy.

The male and female versions of the Unkindness set visibly differ. Males have a coat, pants, and shoes, while females have a chest piece, head accessory, and shoes.

Male Unkindness Set

  • The Unkindness - Plumed overcoat, black -1900 Aurum
  • The Unkindness - Dress trousers, black - 800 Aurum
  • The Unkindness - Plumed boots with spats, black - 800 Aurum

Female Unkindness Set

  • The Unkindness - Polo neck dress, black - 1900 Aurum
  • The Unkindness - Plumed headdress, black - 800 Aurum
  • The Unkindness - Plumed boots with spats, black - 800 Aurum

Item Reward Bags

No event is complete without loot! Seasonal missions give special reward bags upon completion, which contain cosmetics or consumables depending on the bag. The cosmetics within can typically be traded or sold to other players.

Item Reward Bag

The Item Reward Bag received from completing The Ghost of Jack-o-Lantern can contain any of the following, but will always reward one distillate and one cosmetic piece, with a chance for Jack's Head to drop as well.

  • Talisman distillate (1,000cc)
  • Weapon distillate (1,000cc)
  • Talisman Distillate (1,600cc)
  • Weapon distillate (1,600cc)
  • Fiery eyes, black
  • Fiery eyes, white
  • Magnifying spectacles, gold
  • Modern Prometheus neck bolts
  • Synthetic Pseudanthium
  • Blood covered classic biker jacket, black
  • Blood stained Kingsmouth police shirt
  • Bloody Wolf
  • Clawed leather gloves, white
  • Cultist robes, green-grey
  • Fiery eyes, purple
  • Fiery eyes, cyan
  • Grinning pumpkinhead
  • Grinning pumpkinhead, bloody
  • Latex gorilla mask, grey
  • Latex reptoid gloves, green
  • Latex reptoid mask
  • Latex screaminator mask, chrome
  • Latex werewolf mask, white
  • Morph suit, black
  • Powdered wig, white
  • Samedi bone necklace
  • Spooky pumpkin mask
  • Bewitching face mask
  • Blood drop choker, red
  • Blood stained baseball cap, brown
  • Blood stained surgical gloves, white
  • Bloody hockey mask
  • Coffin backpack, black
  • Coffin backpack, blue
  • Coffin backpack, green
  • Coffin backpack, purple
  • Coffin backpack, red
  • Crooked stovepipe hat, black
  • Crooked stovepipe hat, blue
  • Crooked stovepipe hat, green
  • Crooked stovepipe hat, purple
  • Crooked stovepipe hat, red
  • Devlish face mask, red
  • Eyestalk gloves
  • Grinning ghoul mask
  • Hanging noose
  • Key pendant necklace, silver
  • Latex werewolf mask, bloody
  • Latex vampire mask, bloody
  • Latex zombie mask
  • Monster slippers, blue
  • Monster slippers, dark red
  • Monster slippers, green
  • Monster slippers, orange
  • Monster slippers, pink
  • Monster slippers, purple
  • Pentacle bracelet, silver
  • Pentacle choker, silver
  • Pentacle earring, left
  • Pentacle earring, right
  • Pentacle earrings
  • Pentacle necklace, silver
  • Post abdominal surgery dressing
  • Pumpkin head, grinning gourd
  • Pumpkin head, jack-o
  • Pumpkin head, prince of the patch
  • Pumpkin head, smashing squash
  • Raven skull necklace, silver
  • Raven skull ring, silver
  • Skull pendant necklace, silver
  • Tombstone backpack, blue
  • Tombstone backpack, grey
  • Tombstone backpack, light green
  • Tombstone backpack, pink
  • Tombstone backpack, purple
  • Tombstone backpack, red
  • Warlock/Witch claws
  • Vivisectionist's lab coat
  • Vivisectionist's surgical mask

Bag of Tricks and Treats

All Samhain 2017 missions reward a Bag of Tricks and Treats upon completion. Items from this bag consist of consumable candies, flares, and various objects that can be placed on the ground for aesthetic flair. Bags of Tricks and Treats can be traded and sold to other players.

  • Blood Syrup x5 - A consumable candy that causes a trail of blood to appear under you after eating it.
  • Crowley's Crunchies x5 - A consumable candy that causes a trail of shadows to appear under you after eating it.
  • Sugar Skull x5 - A consumable candy.
  • Vine Fruit Gummies x5 - A consumable candy that splatters your face with colorful goo while eating it.
  • Candelabra x 5 - Places a creepy candelabra on the ground.
  • Gallybagger x5 - Places a scarecrow on the ground.
  • Grinning Gourd x5 - Places a pumpkin on the ground.
  • Jack-o-Lantern x 5 - Places a Jack-o-Lantern on the ground.
  • Ouija Board x 5 - Places a ouija board on the ground.
  • Witch's Cauldron x5 - Places a bubbling cauldron on the ground.
  • Fright Flare x5 - Flares. Spooky spirits rise up into the air on use.
  • Ignis Fatuus x5- Flares.


Several Samhain achievements exist to earn during the spooky season!

Samhain 2017

The first set of Samhain achievements to be introduced to Secret World Legends focus primarily on Cat God content.

Hop-tu-naa, Trol-la-laa

Complete all Samhain 2017 achievements. Rewards Clothing: Samedi Outfit.

Squishy Orange Gourd Guts

Destroy Jack of the Lantern in Agartha. Rewards Title: Pumpkin Smasher; Clothing: Pumpkin head, bloody.

Tails from the Crypt

Complete the seasonal mission The Cat God. Rewards Clothing: Baron/Baroness Samedi Top Hat

Harvester of Horror

Fill out all lore entries in the Samhain 2017 section

Sugar Tooth

Eat each type of Halloween Candy

  • Blood Syrup
  • Crowley's Crunchies
  • Sugar Skull
  • Vine Fruit Gummies


Samhain brings with it spooky stories to the Secret World.

Samhain 2017

The first of Secret World Legend's Samhain events would not be complete without its own Seasonal Legends! These Legends are highly tied to the Cat God event.

The Samhan 2017 Legend List is up-to-date for the spooky season!

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